Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Geometry and Teeth!

Today I have two small projects that I pinned to my "to make when you have time" pinterest board a while back and finally got around to trying.  The first is this completely un-zippable tetrahedral coin purse.  You can see in the unzipped photo below it's basically just a ribbon sewn to a zipper, but when you zip it up it makes a cute tetrahedron.  I made up this one with some fun dragonfly ribbon I've had forever and sent it off to my sister (an ex-math teacher) to cheer her up the other day.  It's not hard to make at all, I used the tutorial found here.  The instructions were accurate and easy to follow and the whole thing came out just how I thought it would.  In the tutorial she uses the ribbon on the outside and fabric on the inside, but I just used ribbon on both sides.  Also, I machine sewed the whole thing rather than hand sewing.  That worked just fine (with a zipper foot) except around the edges where I did it by hand.  All together I thought it was a pretty cute and clever idea.  It didn't go together quite as quickly as I thought it would, but it still probably only took about 2 hours, so you could easily make one in an evening.

The second quick project is a custom dry erase board.  I'd been seeing them all over the internet but this one using fabric really caught my eye.  I picked up a gross old picture frame from the thrift store and painted it silver with some spray paint left over from another project I can't even remember.  I just covered the back insert in fabric, added some light blue trim and voila! custom dry erase board.  The frame is about 18 x 21 so not huge but big enough to be useful.  I hung it up in my cubby at work to keep track of all I have going on.  I had the fabric and trim on hand, and chose the fabric because I thought the lines were nice for something that was likely going to be used to make lists.  In addition, I wanted light colors (so I could see what I was writing).  Anyone who's ever seen my stash would know how hard it is to find a piece of fabric with light colors, so I was glad to un-bury this.

So, do any of you guys pinterest?  Have you made anything you've pinned there? That site is at once the most fabulous and worst thing ever!  There are so many inspiring things I want to try and having them all there staring at me is very distracting.


  1. Fun shares...I could use that dry erase board and like the idea of it coordinating with my nest decor! Thanks for sharing and for popping by over at Pop Art Minis Have a great day!

  2. I am trying to avoid it like the plague!

    I just try to save the pics to files on my computer so I can flip through them. I worry if I join pinterest, I will NEVER get anything done!

  3. Thanks guys! Heidi, pinterest will definitely suck your time away! For me the thing I love about it is not just the images though, it's that it preserves the links back to wherever I found it. Especially helpful for tutorials and stuff. I never found a way to really keep track of that kind of stuff using another method.

    Be brave and hold off as long as you can! Thanks for stopping in!

  4. love the coin purse! I've joined pinterest, but haven't actually pinned anything. I'm trying to avoid the time-suck that I know it will be.

  5. Thanks Kenda! I go through phases with pinterest. Sometimes it's just a great resource. I see something online, I pin it, and then I know I can find it later. Sometimes, it's like the whole afternoon disappeared as I browse board after board after board.