Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Swap Package

As I mentioned on Monday, I participated in the Valentine's day swap over at happy hour projects.  In addition to the yucca mini-quilt, I made a few other things for my partner.

Of course I had to include a pouch;  this time I experimented with incorporating a pleat.  It worked out great, but the zipper is a little short and my hand barely fit inside.  I hope Claudia can do something fun with it!

I also made her some custom stationery.  She said she liked things with her initials, so I made a variety of different notecards and sent them along with matching coordinating envelopes.  I hope they suit her style at least a little bit!

Because it wouldn't be complete without a Valentine's Day card, I made one using the big sized paint chips.  She said her current favorite colors are turquoise and olive green, so that was sort of my theme with the whole package.

I also included some shrinky-dinks and colored pencils for her boys to craft with.  I loved shrinky-dinks when I was little, so I hope they have fun.  I hope she enjoys the package!


  1. love the non-traditional valentines day colors!

  2. dude, this was awesome - I love every bit of my VDay gift package!!! I need to get the boys playing with the shrinky-dinks!

  3. Yay shrinky-dinks!!! They are the best kid craft ever. I love watching them shrink up. Also, what a great use for those paint chips!!! And just think, if you ever needed ANY shade, you know where to find it!
    Also, way to represent good old NM!!! I love the quilt; I think it reminds me of the sand dunes at white sands but with he mountains behind. So awesome!