Monday, August 12, 2013

Burp Cloths and Bibs

Becky has a bunch of friends having babies, which combined with my flannel scraps means more serged burp cloths.  Because most of my flannel scraps were solid red (fairly boring), we decided to add some embroideries.  The more I use the embroidery machine, the better I get with it (trial and error!).   Some of these designs are from Urban Threads (my favorite design source) and the others are just Bernina standards.

We also made a bunch of simple bibs for Anna, she's at the point where she needs really big ones, both because her neck has grown and because she feeds herself much more (and consequently the mess is much larger).  By the time we got to the bibs, we were down to really leftover scraps, just trying to use up whatever was in the bin!  If only one could make effective burp cloths out of leftover costume fabric, but alas....

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