Thursday, March 20, 2014

Show Announcement: Beyond Tradition

Hi all, I just wanted to pop in to say that I have several pieces in a SAQA New Mexico regional show called Beyond Tradition.  It's being held at the Hubbard Museum of the American West in Ruidoso Downs, NM and runs from April 5-September 1.  If any of you are traveling through southern New Mexico, you might check it out!

I'm privileged to have three pieces hanging in Beyond Tradition: Winter in Lincoln County 2: Sierra Blanca, Winter in Lincoln County 1: The Orchard, and Ring Around the Mole.

Concurrently hanging at the museum are A Walk in the Wild and A Color Runs Through It, so you can also see Seymour the Coelophysis, Taming the Gorgons, and Black and White and Read All Over.

Many thanks to Betty Busby who has worked really hard to make this happen, and also to everyone else who helped including my super Mom who has been the local contact for it.  


  1. Shannon: You are amazing. I am a big fan! Wish I were in New Mexico to see these.

  2. I had just commented on your Bloggers Quilt Fest post regarding "Ring Around the Mole" that I thought it needed to be publicly displayed but it seems you've already beat me to the punch! I'm glad to see that it has already been included in an exhibit and hope that you may even find an institutional commission where it could go on permanent display!

    Looking forward to reading through the rest of the "making of" posts for that quilt as well as following your future works and blog in general.