Thursday, April 24, 2014

Update on the Stars

I've been working along on my large project- so far it's going slowly and without much success, but I'm persevering.  Last weekend I finished up the part I wanted to get done before leaving on my trip this weekend, so in the last few days I've pulled out a project that's been ongoing for several years now.   On Friday I'm leaving to go to Empty Spools Seminars with my mom and I'm super excited.  We're both taking a class with Jane Sassaman who I've wanted to take a class from ever since my first time at Asilomar.

Anyway, I started this project a few months after our first trip to Asilomar in 2009.  I only know that because that's where I first got hooked on EPP. I've been working on it since then off and on, mostly it was a hand piecing project to work on while traveling.  I finished the center hand pieced medallion a full year ago (ack!) and it's been pinned to my wall ever since.  The whole thing will finish around 18" square, so it's pretty small.

In the last few days I've made the floating piano key border and corner blocks which are machine pieced. I'm not really a good precision piecer, and the piano keys are 1/4" each so the variability is pretty obvious up close sometimes, but for the most part I think it turned out fine.  I love the look of the border with the center part and now all I have to do is quilt it!


  1. It is beautiful! The precision piecing looks daunting to me, since I mostly do free form, improvisational quilting now. It's been a long time where I've had to match points, etc.. You have done a great job of it. Love your color choices, too.

  2. Shannon: This one is really nice. Soooo different than your other work. I love the colors. Have fun in the class with Jane. I'm sure it will be amazing.