Monday, November 17, 2014

New Pouf

A couple years ago my mom and I each made a gum drop pouf from Amy Butler's great pattern.  Mine is still a mainstay in my sewing room- I use it as a foot stool when I'm allowed, but more often than not one of my three dogs claims it- they go so far as to push my feet off if they feel I'm intruding on their space.  As a result, it's gotten a little smushed but is nonetheless still well-loved.

Missy claimed the pouf in this picture, but don't be fooled, the other two will snag it if they can.

My mom gave the one she made to my sister, who has since had to throw it out because her cat peed on it numerous times, and my mom has long wanted a new one.  I've been saving "stuffing" (i.e. teeny tiny scraps too small for anything else) ever since and finally had enough to make another one for my mom.

We made the original ones out of quilting cotton, but I've often thought since then that they might be better out of some home dec fabric.  I decided to use fabric I already had on hand, especially since I found (from who know where) this fun teal cordouroy and another complementary print.  I wish I'd had enough to alternate pieces, but alas there was only enough of the print for two segments.  I did include the piping (as in my earlier version) which I think is a nice complement.

It takes a surprising amount of stuffing to fill one of these to a nice sturdiness, and of course the use of the scraps makes it a little lumpy, but my previous ones are filled with a mix of scraps and poly-fill and it has evened out over time.

Missy likes it in any case, so hopefully my mom will too!


  1. Just having the print in 2 sections makes it look like it's wrapped in ribbon. The piping is a beautiful finish.

  2. I think it looks great. The piping really was the perfect finishing touch.

  3. wouldn't scraps make it heavy? Guess that's okay too, keeps it in place while the cat pees on it, or the pups climb up. Life is for living. I like this project so much, and want a pouf of my own! Can't you just see a poodle on one? LeeAnna