Monday, March 9, 2015

Melissa's Quilt

Mike's daughter Melissa and son-in-law Kyle use this quilt on their bed, and unfortunately one of their dogs ate it.  They brought it to me to try to fix, always a fun task.  I think Kyle's grandmother made it for them; sometime in the seventies I'd guess.  It's made entirely out of polyester double knits and not assembled with particular precision, but has fabulous bright colors.  The back is some sort of cotton poly blend.  Anyway, they didn't want me to just cut off the bad rows and re-bind because it wouldn't have been big enough for their bed. Since I don't have any fabric remotely like this I could have used to patch it, I decided to just remove the binding from the very bottom row, then remove the row itself.  That way I could use the intact squares from the bottom row to fill in the areas in the next two rows where the dog chewed it up.  Several of the individual squares outside the obviously messed up area were also chewed so I wound up patching or replacing several of them.   I removed the ties, backing and batting from under the whole three rows that had been messed up, replaced them, retied the squares, and then rebound.  I think it turned out ok!  The yarn wasn't quite exactly the same shade of bright pink, but it's as close as I could get and I think once Melissa washes it a couple of times it'll soften out.   Hopefully her dog won't eat it again.

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  1. You did a great job of patching it, no one will ever know. My first quilt eons ago was made partly with cottons and part cotton blends. Golds and browns. The gold was the poly blend and it looks good as new, whereas the brown cotton prints faded away to nothing.