Friday, July 24, 2015

Cotton Robin

I've always wanted to participate in a round robin swap so this year when I saw the call for Julie's Cotton Robin, I signed up right away.  We each made a center block and then Julie sent them to two additional participants to add borders and one final participant who quilted and bound it.  It was super fun to work on other people's pieces, and now that we're all finished I can share mine.

I love it!  Thanks so much to the ladies who worked on it.  My center block was improv-pieced gold and pink, and the lovely pieced borders complement it very well.  I feel like it's pink and gold (my sparkly 4-yr old shining through) but with a more grown up feel.

Here it is on my wall of minis, I love the way they look up there!

Thanks so much to Julie for hosting and organizing, I know it's a ton of work.  I definitely recommend that you click over to her Cotton Robin blog to see all the other fabulous minis from this round.


  1. That is a great round robin! I love it when several people can make something look like it was designed by one, and yours has that unity. I've never been in a round robin where the quilt returns to me quilted. I've always had to do that step. (three experiences) I like the idea of receiving a finished product (since mine are still waiting to be finished).

  2. I just went and and looked at them all. What a lot of fun! I've been in Round Robins years ago, but they were always huge quilts. What a good idea to make them mins.