Friday, October 9, 2015

Progress on Eucharistic Prayer C Quilt

Things have been a bit challenging lately and I've been feeling simultaneously unmotivated and quite busy, which has contributed to a lag in creative accomplishments, but I have been making progress on my next big quilt.

It's not really "next" since I started it back at the beginning of the year and then set it aside for the spring and summer, but I'm back working on it now.  The middle sections feature the text from one of the Eucharistic prayers in the Episcopal prayer book (prayer c for anyone who's interested) and is really an exploration of the intersection of science and religion.  It's another one of my illuminated-manuscript style quilts, with several historiated initials and large borders filled with vignettes.

Each of the initials is about 6" square and features a famous scientist surrounded by things indicative of their field, but in somewhat medieval garb to keep with the illuminated style.  I'm terrible at faces, but I hope the suggestion is good enough.  These have lots of layers and I wasn't sure how easily I'd be able to quilt them, so a lot of the stitching has already been added.  More will come later hopefully. The edges are currently floppy since the aren't stitched down to anything-  I need to get them attached to the quilt soon or I think the little letter curlicues are going to be permanently messed up.

Here's Galileo in an A

Here's Louis Pasteur in an H

Here's Marie Curie in an L

and Barbara McClintock in an A

I actually made these before my break this spring and they've been patiently waiting their turn to come out of the WIP drawer.  Lately I've been working on the border vignettes and I'll share some of them next week.

Linking up with Nina-Marie and hoping you're having a creative week!


  1. Beautiful, as always, and I think your faces are just fine. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the connection between each scientist and the letter they are in?

  2. Wow, this is fantastic! The details are great - is it made on lutradur? I think you faces are fine :-)

  3. I love the concept and the blocks. Barbara McClintock is one of my favorites--both the scientist and the bloc.k.