Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Kids and Crafts

I love Christmas crafts (duh to anyone who's known me longer than about three minutes), and it so fun that Mike's grandkids love crafts too.  They're the perfect age for all kinds of things (7 and 9), and we were lucky to get to have them over last weekend.

We started with sock snowmen, using this good tutorial.  They were easy and fun to make, and the kids had fun picking out their buttons and eyes/sequins, scarfs, etc.  We didn't even spill too much rice :).  I made one too, but didn't manage to get a picture of it.

Then we moved on to Christmas cookies.  I don't think they'd made cookies from scratch like this before and really got a kick out of licking the beaters.  Raegan and I were sad that Mike frosted all his cookies white and Walker did all his red.  She was really into the rainbow and made some awesome multi-colored ones.  Of course they all taste the same (and super yummy).  I had them pick which cookie cutters they wanted to use from my fairly random selection, and we got some traditional Christmassy ones like the candy cane and the tree, and then a couple of slightly less traditional selections like the dog bone and the dragonfly.

You can see Bentley there lurking around the edges-  we discovered too late that his tongue was just the right height to slurp around the edge of the table and sneak cookies off.

And finally we made Borax crystal snowflakes.  I'd never done crystals like this before and it worked great.  After they left I tried several more shapes, but didn't get pictures of those either.  The snowflakes were much sturdier than I thought they'd be.  They were a bit hard to photograph, but in person they're very sparkly, especially when hanging next to lights on the tree.  I think Walker was a bit disappointed that his red one came out more pink, but it was ok.

In the evening we went out and looked at the Christmas lights, and sang songs and played games in the car.  I love having them over, they're really wonderfully behaved and so much fun.  They make me laugh and forget my pre-occupations for a while.  It definitely got me in the Christmas spirit.  Hope you all are having fun preparing!

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