Friday, March 4, 2016

More Quilting

I feel like I've been quilting on my large Eucharistic Prayer C quilt forever.  I still love this project, but it feels like the quilt that is never ending.  Alas, there is still much more quilting left to go and then painting, so the end is not yet in sight.   I've been getting so bored and frustrated with the quilting that it's been hard to get motivated to work on it, but it's not like I'm at a design standstill or anything so I feel like I should just force myself to push through.  I keep telling myself that it will take even longer to finish if I don't work on it.

I realized the other day that I haven't actually shared any updates on it since this very brief snapshot before Christmas, so I figured I was due to show some progress.

The background of the large borders on both panels is quilted in green, red, blue, and purple and will eventually be painted in.  The green is fairly continuous, but the red blue and purple aren't which means tons of stops and starts.  Added to all the color changes in each vignette and I feel like I spend twice as much time burying threads as I do quilting.

Wow this is turning whiny!!!  I better stop and just show some pictures :)
These are a few of my favorites of the quilted images.

And here's the back of one of the panels which is mostly finished (quilting wise).  I think the back looks pretty cool, apart from the giant ripple bump in the backing which I didn't discover until hours of quilting had gone over it.

I'm going off now to be inspired by all the rest of the creatives out there and hopefully exit the other side in a better frame of mind!!  Linking up as always with the awesome Nina Marie.

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