Monday, July 18, 2016

Map Wallets

A few years back I bought a cute wallet from a lovely etsy seller who has since closed her shop.  It featured cute paper covered with clear vinyl, and held up really well!  About that same time I bought a card case made from a map from a different Etsy seller for a friend of mine.  She recently facebooked me to say it was finally on its last legs and did I know where she could get another one?  I decided to challenge myself to make new wallets for each of us, combining the map idea with the overall design of my previous wallet.  I didn't have a pattern or anything, but was able to trace some general shapes off my old wallet.  I stitched them on my singer 201 which did great with all the layers of vinyl.  Mine was the guinea pig and didn't come out exactly right, but by the second one I really had it down!  This was a fun little project and now we each have reminders of home!

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