Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Advent is here!

As always I went to my family's place in southern New Mexico for Thanksgiving this year, and had a blast celebrating with my mom's cousins as well as my sister and her family, and my parents/grandparents.

As always we hiked up into the mountains to cut down a New Mexico PiƱon Christmas tree, and I hauled it back across the plains to OKC.  I love this tradition, and it was especially fun this year, the cousins and my sister's little kids came with us, and they did so well.  Anna, who is now 4, hiked along with me and pointed out all the cool things she found; cacti and sticks and tall swooshy grass.

After getting home, I set up the tree, and then got out the decorations.  I love seeing them all every year, it brings up lots of happy memories.

The dogs were so uninterested.

One of my favorite ornaments which I don't think I've ever shared, is my crocheted angel tree topper.  I crochet a fair amount now, but I didn't used to, and when I first started, the only thing I did for the first few years was string/lace crochet.  Many years the top of the tree is smushed up against the ceiling so she doesn't actually fit on top, but she goes as close up there as I can get her.  I still haven't decided what ornaments I'm going to make this year- I've had a few ideas but haven't settled on anything yet.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


  1. Shannon that was charming. Love the pups sleeping gently by the special tree of memories. I could link to you on my "I Like" posts, okay? I'll just do it and you tell me if you want me to remove it (pushy pushy!) I think people would love to see this!