Thursday, June 15, 2017

I Like #22

Welcome to another week of I Like!

1.  First up this week, I like the British Library's archive of/blog about it's digitized medeival manuscripts.  Some of you may know I'm working on a series of quilts inspired by illuminated manuscripts (e.g. here and here and here and here and here)  and I was super excited a while back to stumble onto the British Library's blog on the subject.  In the first place, it turned me on to a new resource of online manuscripts to look at, but it's also so interesting to learn a little about the manuscripts and about how they're preserved and digitized.  One of the posts this week about a manuscript containing a cut-out astrolabe was really cool, you should check it out!
2. I love our new-to-us palm tree!  We have a little area in our 7th floor lobby where I have plants (that's where my friend the red geranium lives), and recently we inherited a palm tree from a floor that didn't want it anymore.  I think it looks great and makes a wonderful oxygenating addition!

3. I love Mike and Bentley (and all the dogs)!  This is of course true every week, but Mike recently sent me this picture of Bentley photobombing his selfie by peering over the backseat of the jeep, and I thought it was too cute not to share.  It was after a long car ride, I think they were both ready to be done in the car.

4.  I love sailing!  Last night was our first race of the season.  It actually started about a month ago but for various boat and schedule related reasons last night was the first time we were able to get out and race.  We had to race in the non-spin division because our crew needs a little more practice getting the spinnaker up and down, but we had an absolute blast.  No pics during the race, but I snapped a few heading out (and back in).  It was a great night to be on the water, just windy enough, warm but not too hot.  Hopefully it'll be a great racing season!

Here's hoping everyone is hanging in there and thanks as always to LeeAnna!


  1. I like that you have varied interests, ones I didn't think about like sailing. I live near the Chesapeake and have only been on a catamaran in dock. I used to sail with yacht races in Tampa Bay though. Love the pic of Mike being photobombed. And the resource link.

  2. I think your palm tree might be succulent.

  3. Hi,
    Love the Palm Tree, looks right at home there. The Photobomb is a keeper for sure. Have a great day!

  4. Oh, sailing. I miss that. What wonderful photos.

    I loved your illuminated manuscript quilts. I can see why you like the digitized manuscripts. The astrolabe is pretty cool!

  5. I enjoyed looking at the various posts of your art quilts. Oh my goodness, they are just amazing! I said this to Jocelyn, too - there are so many different ways to put fabric and thread together! the sailing looks fun, something I've never done, but I do enjoy being out on the water in boats of different kinds!

  6. I will be checking out that British site so thanks for the info. I get now why an astrolobe would interest you as I see you are a sailor. How wonderful for you to experience sailing. I love boats and being on the water(being from the province of Newfoundland which is an island). Very cute photo. And the more plants the better really in that lovely atrium like space.

  7. Oh your photos really inspire me! Thank you so much! Great post!