Thursday, December 21, 2017

I Like #47

Better late than never!  Lots to like this week in the lead up to Christmas, today is my last workday before the break as I'm privileged to get Christmas week off.

1.  I like Christmas lights!  All 3 houses on my little block put up lights, that's mine there in the foreground.   Hard to get an in focus picture while walking the dogs in the dark, but the sentiment is there.  And last Thursday night my friends and I drove out to see the Downs Family Christmas which is a family outside of Norman that puts up a huge display of lights coordinated to about ten different Christmas songs which you hear by tuning to a certain station on the radio.  I put a short video below, you can't really hear the music above our talking, but it gives the idea.  And then we drove around to look at neighborhood lights.  I didn't take too many pictures, but this Minions-Christmas-Tree-Hunting blowup entertained me.

 2.  I like baking!  I finally did a bunch of baking for a variety of Christmas events and am looking forward to doing some more with my mom.  To start with, these four apple pies (including 1 sugar free and 1 gluten free) and later a couple of apple spice cakes.  Yum!

3. I like having people over!  I invited some friends over for dinner (thus some of the pies) and made my mom's yummy chimichangas.  I don't have enough everyday dishes so I thought it would be fun to get out the infrequently used China and set a nice table!  When I went to get down some goblets I hadn't used in a long time, seeing my departed Grandpa's handwriting on the box made me smile.  I think it's good to get this stuff out and use it!!  I should do it more often.

4.  I like singing!  Our choir had its lessons and carols service last Sunday which is a wonderful event with lots of choral music.  I recorded it but haven't had a chance to check the recording yet.  My favorite anthem we sang was this one called A Child My Choice.  We didn't sound nearly as good as this choir but we worked really hard on it and I think it came off very well.

I hope you're all having a good December!  Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!  Thanks to Lee Anna for linking us up.


  1. omg the pups on a card... adorbs. I LOVE Christmas lights. I like all the time lights on a yard, like twinkly white lights all year. I want a piece of pie, the one with the most sugar, butter, carbs and calories. LeeAnna

  2. The pups are cute. Your pies look fabulous, and really who doesn't love driving around seeing Christmas lights.

  3. What a cute Christmas card with your dogs on it! I love it! Christmas lights in the neighborhood are my favorite thing at Christmastime. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. I'm a little late stopping by your post. :-) Those pies look delicious and I'm digging the dogs. You did a great job on that photo! lol