Thursday, July 12, 2018

I Like #74

First, some good things this week. 

Last weekend I got to go visit Fort Smith, AR, attend my friend's wedding in Searcy, AR, and then visit Hot Springs National Park, in Hot Springs AR. 

I was just in Fort Smith for this morning, but I visited Fort Smith Historical Site which was very interesting.  There was a lot there on Native American history, particularly the conflicts that occurred during the forced relocation/Trail of Tears of so many tribes out of the eastern US in the 19th century.  Not a shining historical period, but one that was interesting to learn about. 

View of the Arkansas river from the Fort Smith Historical Site

Downtown Fort Smith also has lots of fun murals/painted buildings.  It was fun to look at them, though I didn't get pictures of nearly all of them.

My friend Lauren's wedding was lovely; they had a ceremony at the Searcy Church of Christ, and then had the reception at her grandparent's farm.  It was pretty hot, but there was a tent and the farm was lovely.  I didn't know anyone else there, but I sat with three ladies, best friends, who were friends of the bride's grandparents and I had a great time visiting with them.

Hot Springs was a cute town, lots of fun Victorian and Art Deco style buildings.  Being used to the volcanic/sulfurous be careful these could kill you hot springs of the Yellowstone variety, it was quite interesting to realize that not only do people bathe in the hot springs, but the water is drinkable!  There are fountains all over town to fill up water bottles and stuff and the spring water is quite tasty.  I looked through the bathhouses, some have beautiful stained glass, weird little bathtub stalls, and strange contraptions.  I also arrived just in time for a ranger hike, so was pleased to go on that.  I love ranger hikes and programs. 

Public fountain providing spring water.

Crazy steam contraption in one of the old bath houses.  Like an individual sauna, you sat inside there with your head sticking out the top and they steamed you.  

Beautiful stained glass ceiling in one of the bath houses.

One of the old bath houses had been turned into an art gallery, and showcased work about the hot springs.  Much of it was done by NP artists-in-residences, and I was pleased to see two pieces by fiber artist Susan Lenz, of whom I am a great fan.  Of course I didn't manage to get pictures of her pieces.  These were a couple of paintings that caught my eye though.

Unfortunately, not much more to like after Sunday.  I got home Sunday night and all was ok, but I woke up Monday morning to find my precious Bullett dog dead on my back sidewalk.  Mike was there with him over the weekend and he was ok Sunday night, but I think his little heart must have just given out.  I was a basketcase Monday, and have been pretty sad all week.  He's been with me since I first moved here in 2006 and was such a precious dog.  I nursed him through many years of puppy-eating furniture, through Parvo, through 2 knee replacements, and loved him through thousands of walks and hikes and cuddles.  He hated being picked up, and had the worst squeal if you tried, but he loved being petted and scratched and he had the best little twitchy place-  you could scratch a spot on his side and his leg would go crazy.  He loved belly rubs and snacks.  It's so hard to have lost him so suddenly (though I knew he was ill), and doubly hard to have lost him and Missy so close together.  I miss my Bullett!!

The summer I got him.

With Angel

With Pumpkin

In deep snow.

With Missy

On a Hike

At Christmas

Howling at the storm siren

With Everyone

Hoping for belly rubs

with Daddy

"graciously" sharing the pouf.

And the dog bed.

And the chair.

"helping" baste.

"contributing" to the batting.


  1. Shannon, I enjoyed all of your post about the wedding and visit to Arkansas, but I'm so sorry to hear about Bullett. That is the hardest thing. Sending a hug to you!

  2. I am sorry you lost your sweet little fuzzy friend. Remember all the fun you had with him. Thanks for sharing about Hot looks like a fun place to explore.

  3. the montage was so beautiful. You sort of captured his whole time with you in this post and I am crying for his loss and yours. The shot of him in snow is art worthy, and could win awards. There is a photo contest yearly shown at the Smithsonian of nature shots. The one on the pouf with Bentley's head on Bullett's back is touching. My heart goes out to you, call me anytime. LeeAnna

  4. Oh my goodness Shannon. I am so sorry to hear about Bullet!! What a shock that must have been. {{Hugs}} What sweet pictures you have of him, and what a wonderful life you gave him. His puppy brothers must be missing both of them, not to mention you. I adore that picture of him on the table, howling at the siren; and the one in the deep snow. I love dogs. I am so, so sorry! Roseanne

  5. So very sorry to hear about your little friend. It is very hard, isn't it. They are always there somewhere in the background or under your feet, and then suddenly they aren't and it is like losing part of yourself.
    Biggest hugs from all the way over here.

  6. Love the springs and the murals and the stained glass. I am so very sorry about Bullett. I've enjoyed your photos of him and I will miss him. What a shock to lose him so suddenly.