Monday, December 3, 2018

Knit Socks: Finished!!!

You guys-  I'm so excited.  I finished my knit socks!!  I actually finished them right before our recent trip to Florida (which was my goal), and I'm so thrilled with how they turned out. 

You may have heard me say for years around here that I'm not a knitter.  Well,  I think I'm a knitter.  Alas.  :)  These were the socks I first made about ten years or more ago.  I made one of them actually, and disliked it so much that my mom caved in and made the other one.  But this time I enjoyed it way more.  Hooray.

I knitted them toe up under the guidance of my friend Melody and I really like that method.  I was just estimating how big they should be based on a pair of hers I tried on, and I think next time I'll use a few more stitches.  They fit, and the leg section is really stretchy, but they're a bit snugger than I'd like.

I did this very easy faux cable on the leg,  it was nice because it made me learn a couple of new stitches (like purling and some weird back and forth stitch thing) but was simple enough that I didn't have a hard time keeping track.

After I switched to speckle in the leg, Blue did this to my yellow yarn.  Complete with bits of backyard mixed in for fun.

My goal was to use the leftover yarn from making this shawl, and I had plenty for the socks.  All the speckle is gone now, but I still have a bit of pink and a lot of neon yellow (see above) left.

So now I have happy neon knit socks to go with the knit socks my friend Kristin and my mom have made me.   Hooray for knitting!

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