Monday, August 13, 2012

State Fair Blanket

The Oklahoma State fair is coming up in about a month and as usual I entered a few things I've finished in the last year, specifically S is for... #2, Purple People Eater, and the Chili Quilt.  In addition, they had a special division for Infant Crisis Services.  In these categories you enter something as a donation to Infant Crisis Services and then after the fair they give the items to needy babies.  I'd wanted to do some charity sewing this year, although if I had any brain cells left I'd realize that right before the deadline for Seymour was a really really bad time.

In any case, I signed up (this was about a month ago) for one baby blanket and one baby quilt.  Last weekend after working on some other unrelated super secret projects I had a bit of downtime so made up this Minky blanket with yummy chewy ribbons.  I used some Bugs Bunny fabric I acquired via a friend from a lady at church who isn't sewing anymore.  I think it's cute; I have fond memories of Bugs, and Tom and Jerry, and Tweety although I'm not sure kids now know who they are.  The fabric is a bit old (the label informs me 1988) but clean and new and in any case it will keep a baby somewhere soft and warm.


  1. cute! I'm excited to hear how your quilts do at the fair! Next month seems really late to me (our state fair is going on right now), but I guess it is a lot cooler in September!

  2. I love the Minky blanket. I use mine all the time. Anna barfs on it occasionaly, but it washes really well and is holding up nicely. I love the bugs bunny fabric on this one. I also have fond memories of bugs and daffy!

  3. I am really glad you found something to do with you spare time :)