Monday, March 25, 2013

Anna's birthday presents

So Anna turned 1 this past weekend and we had a joint celebration for her and my grandmother (who was turning 85).  It was so lovely and fun to see everyone.  My aunt made a wonderful scrapbook for my grandmother (to which we all contributed pages) and she loved it.

I made several things for Anna, starting with this fun kid-friendly photo album.  It's just a three-ring binder and inside are a series of pictures of "people who love Anna".  Each page features easy to read sentences that say things like: "Who loves Anna?  Mommy and Daddy love Anna!" with a large picture of the person in question.  I included pictures of all our family and as many members of my brother-in-law's family as I could track down.  They're just printed on regular paper and put in heavy duty sheet protectors.  I wanted her to have something she could look at to see and remember all of us when we aren't there, but that wouldn't be too precious.  If she rips out pages or pictures, I'll just print them off again!

I also made her two little outfits.  The sewing was easy but the sizing was crazy!  I swear I made the size on this cute romper that matched her measurements, but I think it's going to swallow her alive.  Does anyone know if there's a difference between infant and toddler patterns?  The romper was listed as a toddler pattern (although I still made the size that matched her measurements) while the second one was listed as an infant pattern.

This is the second outfit I made, it's a little dress with separate purple diaper-cover-panties.  The dress is one of those cute ones that cross in the back.  I love this fabric, the background is sort of olive green, but I think the big flowers give it a feminine air without being too pink!  It's actually leftover from my giant bed quilt, and I was excited to be able to use up some of the weird sized scraps.  This one looks like it will fit ok, although the panties are still pretty big looking.  We'll see!  Hopefully they'll be good (with sunscreen and a big hat) for summer days in the sandbox.

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  1. love that little dress! Infant sizes and toddler sizes might be different. Maybe it was just the patterns? Did the pattern say anything about how much larger the fit is than the body measurements? Maybe one is meant to be looser?