Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hi All!  I can't even remember the last time I did a WIP Wednesday post.  I finally feel like I might be glimpsing the other side of the chaos though, so bonus!

Two exciting pieces of information from around here, Seymour got a second place ribbon in the pictorial category at the Dallas Quilt Festival, and my unblogged-about-quilt "in nomine Patris" got accepted into SAQA's Text Messages show which will debut at Houston this fall.

Recent Finishes:

-My covert robin swap package (secret partner- I mailed it this morning!), a blog post about that should be coming soon.
-Birthday presents for Anna!  Can you believe she's 1?  I certainly can't.  I'll hopefully post more about her presents later as well.
-My Handprinted: a fabric swap III fabrics (not-so-secret partners, I mailed these this morning too!).

I started out by hand-dyeing these three different half yards.  They're all PFD broadcloth from Dharma.  The top two I just scrunched up in the dye, the third one I folded up to give some fun lines.

Then I made some fusible vinyl silk screens (like here) and printed my fabric!  The trees were inspired by my latest orchard quilt, blog posts about that to come.  Some of them have "roots" where the vinyl started to come off and make drippy bits which is not ideal, but I guess contributes to that "hand printed" look.  The bottom one, which I think looks like bats, was actually a left over screen from "in nomine Patris".  It's not actually a bat, just a little flower motif, but all by itself here, I think it definitely looks like a flying creature!  Partners, I hope you like the fabrics I made!

Works in Progress:

Sierra Blanca quilt-  This is the next one to finish
Orchard quilt- This will be second in line
Dogs-  This is my big you-will-finish-this-long-languishing-UFO-this-year project, but I'm honestly not sure when I'll get to it.
Hand-pieced star miniature-This is my handwork project but lately I've been itching to finish it.  I'm determined that it will be a competitive miniature, although I'm not sure how likely that is given my general imprecision (part of why I'm a more free-form quilter) and the phenomenal miniatures that show up at shows.  Anyway, I've been dreaming about this one at nights though, how I'll do the borders and the quilting, and I feel compelled to work on it.  Interestingly, my hand piecing seems to be a bit better than my machine piecing, so that's good I guess.

Anxiously waiting to start:
Projects for the new baby!  Anna will have a sibling arriving sometime in September (yipee!) and supposedly we'll know its gender in April.  As soon as that happens I'll be busily making things for it!

Hope you guys are all making progress on your WIPs!  Linking up with Lee as ever!

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  1. Congrats on your second place ribbon!!! Very exciting! love the printed fabric. And congrats on your new niece or nephew! That is very exciting!