Friday, September 6, 2013

Quilting Gallery: Leaves, Trees and Flowers Contest

Hi guys, my orchard quilt  (Winter in Lincoln County #1: The Orchard) is over on the Quilting Gallery blog today in their Leaves, Trees and Flowers Contest.

There are a bunch of lovely prizes for visitors (even if you didn't enter a quilt) and voting has started, so you can go and pick your favorites.

Winter in Lincoln County #1: The Orchard


  1. Your quilt is truly inspirational! As an illustrator, I look at it and hope one day I can combine my illustration skills and apply them to my quilts. I'm not there yet!

  2. I should have mentioned this the first time you posted this...but the quilt is fantastic. You did a great job!

  3. I voted for your amazing quilt. Everything on it is lovely: patchwork, applique, quilting -- even the tree shadows Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Felicidades!Es muy hermoso.No podía ser de otra manera.
    Solo tengo tiempo el fin de semana para ver el correo.Felizmente gano.