Monday, September 30, 2013

Pet Postcards

Once again, Pokey Bolton is collecting 4x6 fabric postcards to sell at the Houston Quilt Show this year to raise money for Houston Animal Shelters.  Pet adoption is a cause I feel very strongly about, and we're actually going to the Houston Quilt Show this year, so I thought I'd better make some.

I encourage everyone to participate, it doesn't take that long to make one and send it in.  For more information, you can see Pokey's blog post:

I made six, one for each of my dogs.  We don't have six dogs now, these are just all the dogs I've had and loved (not counting the lots and lots from growing up).  Six cards also fit easily on two 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper (to run through the printer).  I fixed my pictures in photoshop and then printed them onto regular fabric (I used a very light green batik) which had been stuck to a full size mailing label.  The first three may look familiar, they're just slightly altered versions of the larger dog portraits.  The other three are pictures of my dogs which either passed away before or came to us after the large dog portrait project started. For those, I found a picture of the dog I liked and superimposed the dog on a brightly colored abstracted background.  

Missy, who was adopted in ~2007 from Mike's brother who couldn't take care of her.

Bullett, who was adopted in 2006 from a girl at Walmart whose dad was going to drop him at the Humane Society
Pumpkin, who was adopted in 2007 from the Oklahoma City Humane Society.

My precious Angel, who was adopted in 2003 from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona..

Bentley, who was adopted in 2010 from Second Chance Animal Shelter in Norman, OK.

Shooter, adopted in 2012.  She was a stray out in the country northeast of Oklahoma City.

I don't know what I'd do without the dogs!


  1. Dang. Brilliant. Such a simple solution to my fabric printing problem! These really are fantastic and should have no trouble raising money!

  2. This are incredible! The quilting adds such detail to them, great job!

  3. Love, love these. I love the treatment you've given them... and of course the dog faces. Its great that you are donating them to this project... but I would not be able to part with these if I had made them! I'll look for them at the Festival and if I find yours I will buy it!

  4. You did outstanding on these! And for a great cause too!

  5. These are amazing! I've never tried to print on fabric but am impressed at how well it came out, especially with the quilting. I also think it's important to support my local shelter, and like this fundraising idea.

  6. Oooh...I am shedding some tears at the wonderfulness of these cards! ALL THAT LOVE! I have two rescues, Fred and Lila, pics on my blog at, and I know that while they healed, I was the recipient of much love and healing too! My sweet prescious Lila is going through some tough old age issues now, and the loss of your rescues just really resonated with know that more love is coming with the nest rescue. THANK YOU! PLUS the cards are so artistic and fun!