Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Presents

I'm taking things slow on the sewing front this January after stressing so much in November and December.  It's just as well as we're fairly busy at work right now too.  I just wanted to pop in and share three lovely handmade things kind people made me for Christmas.

The first are these adorable carrot potholders from my friend Rahel.  The dogs had eaten most of my potholders, so I've really been enjoying them.  When not in use, they hang on my fridge to be seen-  I love the way they appear to be looking at each other.

The second thing is this gorgeous crocheted rainbow (!) doily from my friend Barb.  It's so very my kind of thing.  The colors are obviously perfect and it's just a beautiful piece.  It's currently living on my piano where it really brighten things up!

And finally, my mom knitted me these great socks.  I have a trouble past with knitting but mentioned to her how much I love wearing the one pair of knitted socks I do have under my motorcycle/hiking boots. Incidentally, of the pair I had before, one sock was made by me and the other by her because I-just-couldn't-take-it (picture me fainting away onto a Victorian sofa at the thought of having to knit another sock).  In any case she made me another pair for Christmas!  With a beautiful nubbly pattern!  And they fit perfectly!  Hooray Mom!

How grateful I am to have such kind talented friends and family!


  1. The pot holders are so cute, the doily so bright, and the socks look soooooooooo comfy. Lucky girl.

  2. I love the carrots and those socks look cozy? Are they wool? I don't know that I'll ever have the patience to knit socks.☺