Friday, January 24, 2014

Old Throw And New Throw

Over the weekend when Mike was cleaning out the garage and organizing his tools (incidentally, have any of you ever noticed how allan wrenches multiply),  I came across this giant quilt that my mom and sister and I made.  It was certainly one of our very first quilting projects-based on the T-shirts in it, my guess is that we made it in 1997 or so. The back is denim- all old recycled jeans we cut up into 6" squares and pieced. You can see it's tied, not quilted which is probably good as it's so heavy.  Of course this was long before we really knew anything about quilting so there's no interfacing or anything on the t-shirts, but it makes a superb picnic blanket (it's really too heavy to sleep under).  I'm so glad to have found it- I actually thought it had been lost.

And here's a new throw I just finished last weekend.  It's smaller, about 62" square, but I really wanted to make myself a cuddly throw.  It's backed with yellow minky, and uses some favorite prints that have been in my stash for a while.  I love that purply color (it's Kona Berry), and I just cut and appliqued pieces on until I liked it.  Kind of fun that the main shape is sort of kite like and we had to take pictures on such a windy day.  I quilted it (in contrast to the baby sized minky blankets I've made), and bound it with soft satiny blanket binding.

It's gotten cold here again, so this is the perfect thing to cuddle up under by the fire.


  1. I like the applique and the colors on the new one. How fun to find the old one!

  2. I think you're right on the timing of finishing the blanket but i think we probably started sewing the denim around 1990. It was how mom was teaching us to sew and we were going to use it for the home school picnics. Then it got put aside and we forgot about it for a long time. When mom finished it you were in college and we didn't have homeschooling picnics anymore. Glad you found it, and your new one sound yummy!

  3. One can never, no, never, have too many allen wrenches....:)

  4. So i was feeling the picnic blanket the other day and i think there is a layer of muslin or something between the shirts and the jeans...