Monday, August 25, 2014

Rearranged Bedroom

Ever since I moved into my new studio, my back bedroom has actually be set up for guests.  For a long time I had both twin beds pushed together to be a single king size, but for a variety of reasons I decided to separate the beds back out again. 

One primary reason (and the reason I'm sharing here) is because it means two of my earliest quilts get to be out enjoying some use!  The first is One Hen, Two Ducks, from 2009.  It had previously been out in that room but was way too small for a king bed so always looked quite funny draped over it.  The second is Eye on the Ocean from 2008.  It was actually the first quilt I ever entered into a show and was made from a bunch of fabrics I bought on wonderful trip to Hawaii.  It's been in a bag under my bed for the last several years so I'm thrilled it gets to come out and have some fun.  

Of course when paired with the boldly patterned roman shade my sister and I made and some other older quilts on the wall, it gives the room an all-color-all-the-time look, but that's me all the way!

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