Friday, January 1, 2016

Guest Quilt: Barb

Hi everybody,  I hope the weather is ok where all of you are and there's not too much overwhelming winterness happening.  I wanted to stop in today to share a quilt a friend of mine just finished.  Her name's Barb and she's an outstanding microscopist by profession.  She's the one that took the electron micrographs that this quilt is based on.  She's pretty crafty, (this is the same Barb that made my beautiful rainbow crochet lace table mat), and has recently started quilting.  I'm so excited (new converts always made me happy), and shortly before Christmas she sent pictures of the quilt she recently finished for her 10 year old niece.

I was so excited to see it, and am really looking forward to seeing more of her quilts as she makes progress!  I love the pink scrappy look.  This one is machine quilted, but she hand quilts as well, something I've still not learned.


Happy New Year everybody!

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