Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Guest Quilts: Mom's New York Beauty

My friend Kristin gave me Karen Stone's New York Beauty book a few years back, and though I loved the pattern, I don't do much piecing anymore.  My mom is a big piecer though, in her art quilts and bed quilts, and asked if she could have it.  She's now been piecing scrappy New York Beauty blocks for the last three years or so.  It's her travel project and she works on them in their 5th wheel whenever she and my dad travel together.  Over Thanksgiving she thought she finally had almost enough blocks so we got them out to start auditioning layouts and to determine what colors she might need more of.  It was pretty fun to put them all up, they really are pretty much every color, and I love love love the bright scrappy look.

It's really big, it'll finish at a generous king size, so I couldn't even get far enough back to get all the blocks in one picture.  She had the most greenish ones so we started with that in the middle and worked out.  It was fun to move them around and play with the organization.  I think she needs about 14 or 15 more blocks and then has to piece the large borders, so it won't be finished any time soon, but it was great to see it coming together!


  1. That's really pretty. When I saw the first picture, I thought it was going to have a lot of negative space. They way you organized the blocks is really effective.

  2. beautiful! one of my favorites quilts I made is a little (maybe 24-30" square) NYB all in green batiks... but I'm too impatient to do a whole big project out of those fussy blocks.

  3. The blocks are beautiful! I made quite a few New York Beauty quilts several years ago. I even taught a class. I love the precision you can get with the paper piecing. You can get perfection with even the skinniest points.