Thursday, February 1, 2018

I Like #53

This week (or maybe last week, depends how you count I guess) marks a year of I Like posts for me!  Hooray!  It's been good for me to think of good things to share each week.

Things I liked this week:

1. More music!  Dr. Jonathan Nichol is a saxophone professor at the University of Oklahoma, and I got to go to his faculty recital this weekend.  It was great, he played a huge variety of different types of saxophone music, some by himself, some with piano accompaniment and some with another saxophonist (his father!).  It was a fabulous concert, really exemplifying the variety of musical styles the saxophone can play.  My favorite piece was the Denisov Saxophone Sonata, quite modern sounding and wonderful.

2. More flowering plants!  My bromeliad is blooming again.  It hasn't bloomed in a while, they only bloom once and then die, but usually bud off a pup before doing so, and this is about the fourth pup from my original planting.  So pleased it's blooming again.

3. I like the murals at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  I've never gotten a chance to visit the museum proper, but this is the second time I've gotten to go to a gala dinner held there for work.  This year I remembered to take pictures of the gorgeous murals.  I call them murals, but I think they might be paintings, in any case they are HUGE and framed and gorgeous.  You might be able to get a feel for the size by looking at the people for comparison.  There are five sets each has three panels.  I recognize 3 of them, but am not sure about the 5th.

Yosemite Falls

Monument Valley

Not sure where this one is.

Not sure about this one either, the pacific coast somewhere, I'm guessing Monterey area

The Grand Canyon

My friend Liz went with me this year, and we had a good time.  I wore the same dress I made for this event last year.

4. Morning light through the stained glass!  Our church has a bunch of lovely stained glass windows, and this past Sunday the light was hitting them just right and causing rainbows of light to bounce all around the nave.

5.  The beautiful blue-blood-super moon.  I meant to schedule viewing of this cool event, then promptly forgot.  And then I got lucky to see just about the peak of the eclipse when I came out to walk my dogs early in the morning.  I quickly rushed back inside to get my camera and tripod.  So glad I did, in just a few minutes the sun had come up and viewing was done!

Thanks to LeeAnna for keeping us linked up!  Happy Thursday to everyone!


  1. Wow. Those paintings are spectacular. I bet so much better in person. Looks like a fun evening. I love stained glass. I have a few sun catchers in my windows. One of these days (when I own a place) I want a real stained glass window (even if it's just over the door). I did see the moon last night, but missed when it was red. You got a terrific pic!

  2. Shannon, what an amazing photo of the moon! I looked out my window at it in the early morning, but no photos. Those murals are really amazing - that must be quite a room to fit them all in. Glad you could enjoy some time there!

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Wow, that shot of the moon is so cool. We were too cloudy to get a chance to see it around our parts of the woods. And those stained glass windows - so, so pretty! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Brilliant photo of the moon! Good you caught it. I am sure I wouldn't have thought to dash for the camera.
    What a lovely place to hold an event. You sure wouldn't get bored if your table ran out of conversation!

  5. Your shot of the moon is fabulous. Oh those murals, pictures whatever they are, are gorgeous. How lucky to be able to attend a party there. Great dress, you look beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the church and the stained glass it is so wonderful.

  6. Hi Shannon, looking so pretty in your dress! THose murals are of landscape I have never seen (but would love to); they look incredible. Music, and beautiful stained glass windows, the gorgeous moon. This is such a pretty post.

  7. a cowboy museum! Was there harmonica music? The moon shot is Absolutely terrific. And the moment, you captured a moment by chance! The skirt of your dress has a lovely drape. The venue somehow reminds me of the renwick gallery in DC. There is one room with paintings of Native Americans from each tribe.