Thursday, February 22, 2018

I Like #56

Things to like this week!

1. Hiking!  This past weekend we had a church vestry retreat at the Diocese of Oklahoma summer camp St. Crispin's.  The weather was chilly and gray and damp, but I went out a little early so I could do some hiking on their really lovely trail system.  What a peaceful wonderful afternoon.

2.  The new Brandi Carlile Album.  I've been a Brandi Carlile fan for a long time, and her new album was the soundtrack to my hiking.  I really enjoyed it, you can take a quick listen here.  My favorite songs on the album are Every Time I Hear that Song and the Mother, but I like the whole thing.

3.  I got another blog post up!  It counts as a win in my book to get anything posted apart from my I like post!  This one is an in-depth description of how I made my small illuminated openwork initial.  Check it out!

4.  Flowers!  Of course everything here is still dead, but I was visiting a friend in the hospital this weekend and found these great bromeliads blooming in their lobby. My first instinct was that they were fake, but there were lots of different boxes of them and they weren't identical looking (some even had dead looking leaves), so they were real enough to cheer me up!

5.  My puppies!  They of course want to walk every single morning, and it was a bit treacherous this morning since we had an ice storm yesterday and everything was super slick.  We persevered though and it was nice to be outside!

I hope you guys have things to like this week, and thanks to LeeAnna for linking us up!


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Aww, look how cute your puppies are both on the same cushion. Love! And those flowers!! So gorgeous. Do you suppose we enjoy them more now, when things are dark and gray, than when there are an abundance of blooms? I tend to think so. They would have made me happy and smile as well. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. again, your photography. That lichen covered rock image is terrific. Oooooo the puppies!

  3. Your open work initial block is just stunning! And, the bromeliads! Great photos, too. mary in Az

  4. I love winter hiking, for all the reasons your beautiful photos show! Just a different landscape from summertime. Your illuminated A is amazing! I always like seeing the techniques you use.

  5. Oh my goodness Shannon, your initial quilt is just a thing of beauty. What a job you did on it. Bromeliads are new to me but my how colourful. I wish I knew how to get more creative with my Crazy Quilt Journal Pages, sigh.

  6. Pup on a tuffet? I checked out your openwork. So lovely.