Friday, March 9, 2018

I Like #58

A day late on the I like post, but better late than never!

So what's to like this week?

1. I like doing the occasional pieced quilt.  There are two ladies at church having babies, so I made a bunch of HSTs on Sunday and started sewing them together.  I had enough left to make a donation quilt too, so that's good.  I've only got one top pieces, the rest are still just HSTs stuck on the design wall.  Unfortunately, i'm now feeling like I've done enough piecing, yet I must continue!

2.  I like the pups!  Of course I like the pups, but I have to share them anyway.  They've been hanging out in the studio with me, and going on lots of walks.  We went down to the nice public wilderness area for a short hike on Sunday, and it was fun to get them outside out of our neighborhood.  They always want to make friends with everyone we run into.

3.  I love the early morning sunrise!  The last couple of weeks it's been sunrise time during our walk and a couple days ago while Bentley was pooping I was able to snap a quick picture.  Unfortunately this Sunday will be daylight savings time, so it'll be dark again for a while in the mornings.

4.  This is the very best thing of my whole week!  I got this letter in the mail from my almost-six year old niece asking if I would be her pen pal (of course!).  I'd sent her a letter to thank her for a drawing she mailed me, and I was so thrilled to get this letter in return.  Her penmanship and reading/writing are so so great!  Love you Anna!

Happy week to everyone!  And of course, check out the other I Likes over at LeeAnna's


  1. I love writing letters back and forth. There is just something special about a letter. You'll put things in that you might forget in person, you take time to think about it, you can include a wee surprise like a pressed flower or book mark... and what a nice connection between special niece and aunt. The quilts are really stunning. For something you consider simple, they are very graphic and beautiful

  2. Anna writes so well! You must be so proud of her! Great quilt and wonderful likes! Waving hi to the pups!

  3. I like that your niece is writing letters. Your pups are cute. I agree early morning sunrises are awesome. Your HST quilts are fabulous.

  4. What a sweet idea. Think I'll suggest it to my DGKs out of state. Love the sunrise. Your donation quilts are so thoughtful.

  5. Such sweet likes! Your quilts are stunning! Isn't it great how HSTs make such different patterns! The pups are so precious!

  6. Love the little letter!
    And i don't think I have seen the configuration of the last quilt top you showed. Does it have a particular name?