Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I Like #60

Many thanks to everyone who left kind words for me two weeks ago!  I missed last week because my mom and I were on a quilting retreat/class trip to Asilomar CA.  We've gone several years now and this year we got to take a wonderful 5 day class with Susan Carlson.

So to start out this weeks list of I Likes:

1. I like Susan Carlson.  She was a wonderful teacher and all the students accomplished so much.  If you don't know her work, I encourage you to check out her website, she makes the most fabulous brightly colored animal and portrait quilts.  I started a quilt of Bentley while in the class and I'm doing him in bright rainbow colors.  Hopefully I'll have some posts about it soon.  It's so special to me to get to go take these trips with my mom, here she is working on a portrait of her Gibby dog.  Gibby was a solid black dog, but her nick-name was the devil dog so my mom chose to do her in red.  She was so smart and so manipulative and so stubborn, but a really great dog.  I'll have to get some more pictures when she's done with the quilt and added a background etc.

2.  I like Asilomar!  It's really a gorgeous place, we love going there because it feels like you're really "away" while staying at the state park, even though you're not.  We had an extra half a day, so we drove down the coast to Big Sur, which was really beautiful too.

3.  I like old pictures!  I stayed over at my parents both directions on the way to California and I browsed through some old photo albums while I was there.  I was looking for pictures of our dogs growing up, but snapped a few pics of things that caught my eye.  I love this one of my mom with her dogs Strider and Elfie and one of their puppies back in the late 70s, my mom is so cute!  She named Strider after the Lord of the Rings and every time I re-read those books I think of him.  And I love this one of me and my mom on my very first camping trip!  Strider was there too just not in the picture.

4.  I like birds!  There were lots of fun birds near the ocean, and I have a new crew of birds at home, though I haven't been able to get good pictures of them.  We saw this raven outside Petrified Forest National Park, he was making all kinds of awesome chatty sounds.  I guess that's a cool thing about ravens, but I'd never heard them before.  Really fun!

I hope there were good likes in your week too!  Thanks to Lee Anna for linking us up!


  1. What fun to have a class with Susan Carlson!! I love Asilomar and the beach! I’m headed home from Asilomar after having a class with Melissa Sobotka. I’ll also be taking a class with Susan Carlson at the Stitchin Post in Sisters in September so I’m really excited to do that. I’ll probably do a portrait of my dog Magic! I would love to listen to some ravens.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    WOWEE - Gibby is fabulous!! What a gorgeous portrait in fabric. Kudos to your mom! I wonder what you were working on? I love old photos too - your mom looks so darn happy in both older photos, and the new one too. I'll bet she just loves those short escapes with you as well. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Asilomar looks and sounds like a wonderful place to go for a week of sewing with your mom and a favorite teacher! You'll have to tell your mom that we also has a dog named Strider, named after the Lord of the Rings character! Her portrait of Gibby is fabulous - what a cool technique you learned.

  4. Your mom's quilt of Gibby is just beautiful. Asilomar is such a serene, pretty place.
    mary in Az.

  5. What a cute photo of you as a baby with your Mom on the camping trip. How great that she and you both like quilting and could do the Asilomar retreat together.

  6. That quilt is impressive. The old photos made me smile. And the scenery is beautiful. Good stuff. :-)

  7. What a gift to travel with your mom and to re-visit old memories - I love looking at pictures where my Mom is smiling - I know she had a tough time with seven of us and my Dad - whew! And that portrait quilt of Gibby is amazing - I would not have imagined red working for a dog that is black!

  8. Shannon, I think you look a lot like your Mom and that one of you and her camping is wonderful. What a beautiful drive, your photo of the Pacific is very like mine of the Atlantic in places.
    I've noted Susan's name to check out her amazing work. Thanks!

  9. I'd have loved that class!!! Your mom's work is terrific, captured the dog complete with personality and a gleam in his eye. Such a fun shot of the two of you in big sur. I've been there... beautiful. LOVED the old pics, your mom is sally field!