Thursday, May 17, 2018

I Like #66

Well, sometime I promise I'll get back to posting more crafty content.  I just need to take some more pictures!

For now, here are some things I'm liking this week.

1. Starting a new project!  This will turn into my third smocking quilt, and I enjoyed painting the fabric for it this weekend.  I think the fabric was pale coral to start with.  These pieces are all very abstract, but this one is mean to put you in mind of a field of spring wildflowers, like indian paintbrush which started blooming here a couple of weeks back.

2.  I like getting on the lake!  We didn't actually get to sail any, but last weekend my friend Eric and I pulled his boat out of the water and then power washed, sanded, and painted the bottom in preparation for the summer sailing season.  It was way too windy to sail, but at least we got the boat mostly ready.  It was really gratifying to watch a winter's worth of lake algae go into the wind.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures except this one of a warning label from the Rear Commodore saying we need new dock lines since I left my phone on the the boat before we hoisted it out of the water.  It was a nice day to be outside anyway!

3. I love seeing my pieces out in the world.  Out of the blue last week I recieved an e-mail from the Dean of the Sacramento Episcopal Cathedral.  They bought one of my liturgical pieces last year out of a show, and he was writing to say that they used it as an altar frontal during lent, and how much they enjoyed it.  It's this quilt depicting the Confession of Sin, so it was really fitting for Lent.  So wonderful to know that it's living someplace where it fits so well.

4. I love my toads!  I usually have lots of them through the summer, and the first one showed up last week.  Big and fat, and bug-filled!  Hooray!

Thanks to LeeAnna for keeping us linked up.  I hope you guys have a great week.


  1. you love your toads!!! lol! First you pull me in with the beautiful abstract pained work, then the finished bought (!) work hanging in use, then hit me with a cute toad! How fun!

  2. What an honour to have your quilt displayed like that! Congratulations. I wonder do toads eat ticks. Big tick concerns here now with summer starting.

  3. I love your work! The altar quilt is spectacular! Can't wait to see the smocked quilt!

  4. Toads - how cool! It looks very exciting to have your quilted artwork displayed at a Cathedral! Congratulations on that!

  5. Hi Shannon,
    I had to give that non-compliance warning a good read! So it's trailer lines that you need . . . who knew they checked on them. And your quilt in the cathedral - how beautiful it looks! And what a pleasant surprise. I can honestly say I have not seen many toads in all my born days, and I may not be sorry about that. I'm not sure either way! HAHA! I do love that they eat bugs and especially mosquitoes. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. What a round toad. How wonderful to see your artwork out in the world. And of course you're starting on a new project - you're always starting something new! :-)