Thursday, September 5, 2019

I Like #130

I'm behind again today.  Sometime I'll get back on writing these posts ahead of time so they post early, but not just now.  It's been a crazy week, starting with a wonderful trip to my parents' place for the holiday weekend and culminating with my car dying, expense to fix it, expense to get around without it, and expense to buy a new one. 

That's ok, lots of good stuff anyway.

1.  I love my plants!  The dahlias weirdly went through a great period of blossoming while I was gone and I have several in bloom (ignore the horrifying yard, I desperately have to mow).  Also I'm going to try growing begonias again (hope springs eternal).  My friend started a cutting for me, and currently it has a really cute furry spider living in it.  I've decided to call him Harry.  I had a hard time getting a good picture of him, but he has cute yellow spots on his back.  I wish he'd eat moths, they have entirely overrun my house and I'm getting really aggravated.

2.  I love my parents' and their home.  My mom is having back problems, but my dad and I got to hike a bit and I did lots of cooking and hanging out with my mom.

baking shortbread cookies

My mom in front of her house.  Everything is so green and all the flowers are blooming.
Making tomato sauce with garden tomatoes.

3.  I love the pups!  Blue and Bentley had a blast visiting.  I was so proud they both stayed with us on the hike (off leash).  They got along well with everyone, even the yappy long-haired chihuahua Sirius my mom is babysitting.

Sirius rules the bed when he visits.

I love seeing the brown dogs.

Happy dog on the hike!

I went over to pet Bentley, and Blue immediately came to sit on him.

4.  Finally!  No pictures, but I really like that the Great British Baking Show is back with a new season!  It's coming out weekly on Netflix and I watched the first episode the other day.  Hooray!!

I hope you guys have a good week!  Click through to LeeAnna's for more stuff to like!


  1. Oh no on your car - that is no fun! It's so lovely that you go and spend these weekends with your mom and dad - I'm sure they must love having you visit. Hiking, baking, and time spent with them sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh, a dead car. How awful. Good luck car hunting! The rest of you trip looked lovely. Yum - home made tomato sauce.

  3. what a great visit. Those doggies! Blue is a character. shortbread, yum and they have more tomatoes than I do if they have enough for sauce. Crikey! Black spots on mine. Do you have pantry moths? We had them in MD and never got rid of all of them. We ordered traps and caught millions of them, but there were always more. Came in on some birdseed.

  4. Hope your mama starts feeling better. I love it when I can take Bobbin for a walk without a leash. Hope you can get your car fixed. Love your dahlias.

  5. Oh such fun likes! I envy your taking the dogs for a walk off leash (I'm a city girl and that isn't an option here). Hope your Mom's back heals soon! Take care and sorry about the car troubles :(

  6. Hi Shannon! OH NO - the baking show is on Netflix?!!!! Why oh why?? ~sigh~ I guess I will have to rejoin to see in. I love that show. Thanks for the update. I love seeing the photos, especially the one of Blue sitting on Bentley. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Your parent's spot reminds me of ours. Such a cute looking house with windows big enough to afford a view, as they say. Hiking enjoyed by everyone is so good. Nothing nicer than baking together.

  8. That looks like a beautiful hike. Fun that you can still spend time with your parents, and bake with your mom. Good memories you are making! I love the Great British Baking Show!