Thursday, May 21, 2020

I Like #165

Welcome to another week of things to like.  Still around my house, but I'm not getting bored enough to weed flower beds, so sorry for those pictures.

I'm loving my outside plants!  The petunias are going gangbusters, the marigolds I planted from seeds have the first buds so hopefully should start blooming soon, and my dahlias are growing well.  Blue doesn't like the hose but likes to be near me, so he's never sure at watering time.

I had to go to the grocery store this week and while wandering down the wine aisle I saw one of the little hanging things was selling ping-pong balls.  What ever possessed someone to think oh, the ping-pong balls should go over with the wine?

I love my Bentley!  He was super super gross this week, I have no idea what he rolled in but it was bad, so on Tuesday I gave him a bath.  He doesn't like it but tolerates it, and now he's clean and nice and fuzzy.  So much better for snuggling.  Although he's shedding badly right now and that's always worse after a bath.  I was brushing him yesterday and clouds of fur were going everywhere and then Blue rushed up and sneezed directly into my face, so it was grossness all around.

This is one of my houseplants and it has started blooming (tiny little round pink flowers sort of in the background).  It's never bloomed before!

I finally own a wheelbarrow cart thing!  I'm going to be hauling pavers later this weekend, and thought it would be really nice to have one.  I didn't want a traditional wheelbarrow, they always seem tippy, so hopefully this will be serviceable.  I had to assemble it but it feels nice and sturdy.

Balled up yarn for a new knitting project this week.  For some reason I find this task very enjoyable.  I love the spinning swift.  This was the last skein I got on clearance when our local yarn store closed a year and a half ago, and it's very nice yarn.  I'm excited to work with it.

 My apple trees and crabapple trees have apples!  I was worried because we had a couple of late freezes, but everyone has fruit, so we'll hope for a nice harvest later this year!

I blogged about another dimensional piece this week, It's my interpretation of a wall lantern.  You can read more about it here.

I hope you are all staying healthy!  Click over to LeeAnna's for more things to like!


  1. I love your shelf full of blooming plants - so pretty! Ping pong balls in the wine aisle - hmmmm... That would have made me stop and think, too. Your quilted lantern sculpture is amazing!

  2. Hi Shannon! I am totally giggling over the ping pong balls in the wine section. Why on earth? Well, for that matter why is a grocery store selling ping pong balls?? HAHA! If I were needing them I sure wouldn't search for them there. I just adore brushing dogs - especially when they enjoy it too. Sounds like you need to be brushing Bentley outside? Of course, Blue would come sneeze in your face. I love dogs! That is one happy house plant! I get those same 'blooms' on my mini palm tree plant. Your cart looks quite useful and the Gorilla name implies sturdiness. Stay safe! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Shannon it's wonderful to see your happy plants and pups! Poor Bentley! We had one dog that was always trying to roll in stinky stuff and then getting washed for all her efforts! Scout doesn't do that (so far and knock wood). Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your quilts have such amazing texture. Gorilla cart - that certainly looks like it could stand up to anything! Always good to see the pups. :-)

  5. OMD I hate it when dogs sneeze on me! It goes everywhere! My lab's hair went everywhere too, I'd find it clinging to walls. A gorilla cart looks awesome... strong and pretty, just the way I like my men! Fruit trees... I want a real pear tree now, wonder how it would cope with the conditions here that repel living plants. well, ping pong balls in wine section make perfect sense... if I'd been drinking the wine already that is

  6. I think Blue and Bobbin were hanging in the same spot. Bobbin was racing through the yard after a couple of days of torrential rain, which meant really wet, muddy dog. She was so cold and wet her skin was bright pink. She was not impressed with the bath later that evening. I was not impressed because I threw her in the house after her little 10 lb body collided with me while I was doctoring a kitten. Bobbin proceeded to pull a quilt down and roll all over it with her soggy, muddy body. But now, the water has dried up, Bobbin smells awesome, and the quilt got washed. Your plants look awesome. I am right there with you about weeding flower beds right now. Too many hours at work.