Friday, July 12, 2013

Embroideries for Mike

One of Mike's friends has his name and a little motorcycle icon embroidered on his fold up camp chair, so of course Mike wanted one too.   This was my first "real" embroidery project, so I did a bunch of test stitch outs first.  So glad I did since I was able to work out a bunch of miscellaneous issues.

I solved the "bobbin thread pulling forward on text" problem by just matching the bobbin color to the top color for the text part.  The thread was really never pulling up on the pictures so matching wasn't a big deal there (good since there are about a million thread switches in the motorcycle design and I wouldn't have wanted to change bobbins every time!).  

It was good to work some more with my machine and learn some more about how it and the software work.  The motorcycle design is his motorcycle (a BMW R1200RT for anyone who cares) and I got it from Uniquewear.  The design was a bit pricey (came to almost $8US) but it was the only place I could find his specific bike.

He's about to leave on a long cross country bike trip; as always I'm praying for a safe journey.

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  1. oh this looks super posh! Mike is a lucky guy ;-)