Monday, July 29, 2013

Shoe Painting

My sister came up a couple weekends ago and asked if she could host a crafty bridesmaid's party at my house for a friend of hers who is getting married.  Saturday afternoon they all came over, and had a fabulous time decorating canvas shoes for the wedding (rehearsal? getting ready?  I'm not quite sure).

I'd known Jen (the bride) since Becky was in college, but had never met the other two girls before, Calista and Sara.  They're spinners and knitters so it was wonderful to spend some time with some more fiber people!  I didn't make any shoes, but had fun hanging out with them while working on other stuff.

I'm such an introvert, I usually hate parties and meeting new people, but I really had a good time and I hope they did too.  They live in Tulsa and OKC (which is why the party was at my house and not my sister's down in Dallas), and even though they're Becky's friends I hope to meet up with them more in future!