Friday, January 6, 2017

2016 Wrap-Up and Looking into 2017

I've really enjoyed reading the 2016 recaps and 2017 plans/goals/resolutions that abound in the blogosphere, so I thought I'd dump my thoughts into the fray.  2016 overall felt like a really hard year for me, and 2017 is going to be the same way, but I think this is about my attitude more than anything else.  Especially when I look objectively and see how many really wonderful things that happened in 2016.

On the quilting front, even though I didn't blog nearly enough, I did finish several main quilts, 3 of which belong to my ongoing "series" (in air quotes because they're sort of loosely defined), as well as lots of littler side projects.

Topography II-Crest Trail, c. 2016 Shannon Conley
Anonymous, c. 2016 Shannon Conley

Eucharistic Prayer C: Convergence, c. 2016 Shannon Conley

On Dahlias, c. 2016 Shannon Conley

Lux Venit, c. 2016 Shannon Conley
These last two are so new I haven't even blogged about them yet.  So stay tuned for more in-depth posts.

Conformational Change, c. 2016 Shannon Conley

4th of July 2015, c. 2016 Shannon Conley

Now looking forward.  I'm not much for regular resolutions but I do have some goals for 2017.
 1.  Improve my overall outlook.  I used to be a super bouncy cheerful extremely enthusiastic person.  My friends will tell you that when I get going on something I still am those things, but over the last few years I've steadily fallen into a default position of cynicism and irritation.  What a tragic way to approach things!  I kept thinking 2016 was a wretched year, and let external factors sway my emotions and attitude to an excessive degree.   I've decided though, that I can't help anything become better if I radiate negativity.  I need to actively change this attitude.  One thing I'm going to adopt is a weekly "I like" post here.  It feels like a concrete way to force myself to acknowledge good things I see and do and hear.  My good quilty friend Lee Anna has been writing these posts and I love reading about things she's enjoying.

2. Improve my productivity.  I feel like I have a lot of wasted time in my life.  I think for me, this means being intentional about how I spend my time, whether it's working, or making art, or relaxing, I need to be actively choosing how to spend that time and not looking up and suddenly realizing I've been websurfing for an hour.

3. Keep making art.  My eventual goal is to apply for Juried Artist Membership in SAQA, and for that I need a fairly large cohesive body of work.  I don't have any desire to make things just to check a box though, so the end result is I need to just keep working and see where my pieces go.

Here's fingers crossed for a productive, positive 2017!

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  1. Your item #1 is why I severely cut back on my news consumption. I read one "newspaper" on my tablet in the morning and watch 1 news program in the evening. Everything else is banned from my life.

    You did some great things last year!