Thursday, January 26, 2017

I like #3

Last week I was hard pressed to come up with things I liked, but on Thursday afternoon just a couple of hours after publishing last week's post, several things popped into mind, due largely to conversations with other bloggers about their I likes!  So...

1. I like other bloggers!  I'm pretty antisocial in general, preferring often to stay in or hang out with just a couple close friends, but I love the interaction with other bloggers.  Everyone has something fun or thoughtful to say and it's fabulous to meet/interact with people who have both similar and different experiences to you!

2. I like storybooks.  I really like almost all kinds of books, but for this week I'll stick with story books.  We were always a big reading family and my mom kept lots and lots of our books.  Apart from a few favorites of mine, most of them now reside with my sister since she has kids.  I love reading to them, and Anna has just learned to read so now I get to hear her read back to me whenever I visit.  *swoon*  My great-grandmother was a nursery school teacher in the 1920s and 1930s and we've also been lucky to inherit many of her story books.  One of my favorites is A House is a House for Me.  It's a rhyming read-aloud story full of absolutely fabulous illustrations of all sorts of houses. In the last section it goes a little abstract and starts making you think about all kinds of things!

3. I like Judith Roderick!  She's an art quilter from New Mexico who I know through the SAQA New Mexico group.  She is a professional silk painter, and for the last many years she's used her beautiful silk paintings to make quilts, many of which are embellished with buttons and other things.  I really love her birds, especially this one and this one and this one She's also a lovely lady, lots of fun to be around.

4.  I like technology.  Some of my favorite things about it are really basic-  for example I really love being able to have a shared grocery list with my partner, and I really love being able to set reminders for things I'd likely otherwise forget.  I love having my hands free bluetooth in my car.  I have pretty bad cell reception in my studio but I love being able to talk to my mom on my morning commute.  I love audiobooks and podcasts, both of which are so much easier with my phone.  Of course, like most people, sometimes it feels like a struggle to find a balance, but I definitely come down in favor!

5. I like brightly colored hair!  Last summer I dyed the under half of my hair bright pink.  I love the color peeking out and the fact depending on how I wear it it can look like a whole pink head or completely "normal".   After initially doing it at the salon, I had been touching it up myself which though effective was messy and the results always wound up a bit splotchy.  Earlier this week I went back to the salon to have it re-done, this time in alternating swaths of pink and purple, and it's so fun not to have yucky roots or splotches anymore!

Thanks as always to LeeAnna for keeping us going with these posts!


  1. Hi Shannon! I love your post! I collect vintage and antique children's books and am always looking to expand my grandkids' library. Will check out "A House.." for them! Your hair looks great!!! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Fun stuff! I'm totally digging the hair. :-)