Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I Like #4

I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by things just now, as I'm sure many of you are, but chin up and turn away the negativity has to be the mantra.

So things I liked this week:

1. This home depot/Disney mashup video.  It's really charming and funny for anyone who likes Disney.  I'm totally a Disney Princess Superhero, like maybe a combination of Belle, Hermione, and the Scarlet Witch?  But I grew up in the 80s and 90s during the great disney revival so will always have a soft spot for Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and the Lion King (in addition to the classics).

2. Dressing up.  Anyone who encountered me during real life for the last couple of weeks heard me freaking out about finishing my dress in time for a work related College of Medicine black-tie event.  It was the first one I'd ever had to go to and because I have inherited boxes and boxes of formal fabric I had to make a dress (that'll be it's own post at some point).  I've never been to formal things really, and my style leans toward the casual and eclectic (the more colors the better).  The event was a fairly ordinary awards dinner, it was fun to get dressed up and go.  It was held at the Cowboy Hall of Fame which has some really beautiful artwork.

It was also surprisingly good to hear about and from the two awardees this year.  I hadn't heard of them before, but I haven't been particularly involved in the College of Medicine until recently, so that's not surprising.  One awardee was Jeanne Hoffman Smith who was apparently a pioneer in mental health and social services in this area, and the other was Dr. Andy Sullivan, a highly regarded pediatric orthopedic surgeon.  He was one of the many dedicated first responders after the tragic Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and actually performed an on-site amputation on a women trapped in the debris of the collapsed building, thus saving her life.

3.  This week I just finished another one of the Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher.  I'm really enjoying them; they're urban fantasy novels about a Wizard Detective and his police officer sidekick/partner.  Lots of fun characters and charming writing, if you like light and witty fantasy, check them out.  I think it's better to listen to them in order as there are quite a few recurring characters, but each can stand alone.  I started with #1, but then skipped to #8 and #9 since that's what the library had.  For anyone out there who is a Buffy/Joss Whedon fan, the audiobooks are narrated by Spike.  Alas, the narration is great, but he doesn't sound like Spike, something I was sad about in the beginning.

4. I'm still liking blooming flowers; my Christmas cactus is done, but my poinsettia is still going strong.  I rescued it from church after 12th night, and it was pretty droopy after the whole Christmas season, but I've transplanted it and it perked back up.  I'm determined to keep it alive all year, but who knows how that will go!

5.  I love seeing everyone's posts from the women's marches and protests.  It was wonderful to see (and continue to see) my instagram feed and blogs filled with pink hats and kind, compassionate women standing up for things that are important to them.  

Thanks to LeeAnna for hosting I Like Thursdays!  Keep postive everybody!


  1. what fun! Thank you for listing these moments. I'm a Disney fan, grew up going to Disney world. Magical always. You look beautiful!

  2. Dresden Files! I'm desperately awaiting the next one to get published. They all build on each other - at some point you should circle back and catch the ones you missed.

  3. What a fun list and how envious I am that you made that gorgeous dress! I wish I had that skill. I just gave up on my poinsettia. It dropped it's leaves, despite being watered. Yours looks very healthy!