Thursday, February 9, 2017

I like #5

Things I like this week!

1.  Meeting up with in-person friends as well as online ones!  Yesterday morning I got to have breakfast with my dear friend Linda, something we try to do as often as we can, and it was so wonderful to visit with her.  She's such a support for me.  We talk about all kinds of things, and our time is always over way sooner than it ought to be!

2.  More choral music!  This past week our church choir (from St. John's Norman) joined up with the choir from St. John's Oklahoma City to be the guest choir at an evensong service at St. Thomas More Catholic church on the OU campus.  We were invited to sing this service last year as well, and it's such fun to learn all the evensong music.  It's also fun to join with another choir, our group only has about 12 voices and St. John's OKC is only a bit bigger, but it works great to sing together.  This year we sang Charles Villiers Stanford's Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in C Major, Philip Wilby's If Ye Love Me and an arrangement of Psalm 84 written by one of the choristers from St. John's OKC (in addition to the other minor evensong music/chants).  I used to record choral music often, but haven't in the last four years or so, but this seemed like a good occasion to do so.  Here are a few of the pieces (apologies for the recording quality).  This is the first time I've embedded audio files, so I hope it works.

3. I like Astronomy Picture of the Day  This website has a new astronomy picture every day or sometimes an artist interpretation and it's a fabulous way to get a glimpse of our wider universe.  I keep thinking I'm going to make a quilt inspired by some of these photographs, but I've yet to get around to it.

4. I like "wildlife".  I live in an ordinary suburban neighborhood, but we're close to the edge of town, so just outside our neighborhood is more open farmland and larger properties, so occasionally we get interesting visitors.  This one wasn't particularly out of the ordinary, but it made me laugh.  Mike sent me of our backyard yesterday morning.  He recently hung a birdfeeder in an effort to attract birds to photograph.  Alas, so far all we've attracted are cute interlopers.  Not exactly what he was hoping for!

Hoping you're all keeping your chins up!  Thanks as always to LeeAnna for hosting!


  1. the coral cooperation is meaningful isn't it? The sounds are soothing to hear this morning. Reminding us the turmoil we live in is temporary. If we expect people to reach higher, and remind others of their higher instincts, it will come to pass. The astronomy picture is like a moon quilt. It inspired me to make one. How about the planets this week!!! Venus is so bright. So bright to take our attention to the skies if we look up. Thanks Shannon!!!LeeAnna

  2. Squirrels provide hours of entertainment! All their playful movements seem so comical. There are two living in a pine tree in my yard. Come spring they do the stereotypical "love dance" of chasing each other around and around the trunk of the tree. Like something out of the opening scene in Snow White!

  3. Love the music, very calming!!! I love astronomy too! I'd love to see your quilt! As for squirrels, you will have a lot of fun watching them...and trying to thwart them from visiting the birdhouse!

  4. What a great shot you got of the squirrel. You're as fast as he is! I love this post. I used to be in a church choir but have COPD so I can't hold the notes as well as I used to but I sure love listening.thanks. mary in AZ