Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Like #6

Welcome to another round of I Like!

1.  I like my family!  Last weekend I went up to the outskirts of Tulsa help my Aunt with a garage sale. She's downsizing and moving back towards home.  My Uncle is on a job site down in Midland, so she's on her own, but she and I and a bunch of her friends had a great (but exhausting!!) time!  I don't get up to see her as much as I'd like, so it was good to see her.  She goes to a fabulous little rural Methodist church and it was so fun to worship with her.  As you know I'm a big fan of choral music, especially all the traditional Anglican hymn tunes (many of which aren't really Anglican and are also in the Methodist hymnal), but we don't sing very many Gospel-style hymns in the Episcopal church.  Her church does though, and it was fun to get to sing a bunch of fun stuff with a little lilt!

2.  Discovering old family treasures! While going through stuff up at my aunt's she pointed out this pot that my mom gave her a long time ago.  This in an of itself isn't particularly strange, my mom is a potter by profession, and has had a studio pottery business since the early 80s, so most of us have pots from her.  But come to find out, this one was extra special!  When we flipped it over, we found the date, 10-11-78, and when I asked my mom she said that was from her very first pottery class, back long before she was making pottery professionally.  She doesn't have any pots from that era, and didn't know any were still around.  So cool to find it!  My aunt has had it almost 40 years, and she says it's always sat on this beautiful carved sideboard.  The sideboard key is taped into the pot lid so it won't get lost!  The sideboard itself has a family history,  my great great grandmother Kennedy was an artist who painted oils and ceramics and also carved furniture and this is one of her pieces.  Fun to hear the stories!

3.  Blooming flowers!  More blooming flowers this week!  Lately I'm on a roll with blooming flowers, keep your fingers crossed and I'll have something blooming most weeks.  That would be awesome.  Just now, my second Christmas cactus is blooming!  My big one is red-orange and usually blooms in the fall, but this one is blooming a bit now with these bright pink blossoms!  Love it!  Mike and I aren't big on valentine's day, but he did take a picture of this flower for me with his fancy camera (not this picture) and framed it for me, which I thought was very sweet!

4. Quilty traditions!  I've always been a crafty valentines person, and actually this year is the first year I didn't make valentines to send out.  Very sad actually.  But a few years ago, my mom decided that instead of making valentines for me and my sister, each year she'd make us a valentine's day quilt block, and one day we can put them all together into a quilt.  It really made my day when this one arrived.  Love you Mom!!

Thanks as always to LeeAnna for keeping us positive!


  1. This is a fun list! I'm envious of your blooming Christmas cactus. Mine didn't bloom this year. Happy Thursday!

  2. My Christmas cactus blooms multiple times a year, too (plus, it's two different plans in one big pot). Good stuff.

    Love those Valentine blocks. What a creative, fun idea.

    Old keys are neat, too. What a fun discovery with the pot.

  3. Great list and greetings from Pennsylvania! I love the hutch and the pottery is AWESOME! Your valentine blocks are fun and a great way to use up scraps! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Love that sideboard! It is beautiful and in great condition! You have wonderful family heirlooms.

  5. oh my word! I came over too early last time and missed this post. I love pottery and I made many pots too. I am too prissy tho and didn't like the slimy feel of wet clay under my nails!!lol That pot is gorgeous. And the block each year is just so precious. Lucky you! LeeAnna

  6. What a wonderful tradition! I love that your mom sends a quilt block to you and your sister every Valentine's Day. It's so thoughtful and sweet, and someday you'll have an heirloom quilt!