Thursday, January 19, 2017

I like #2

This has been a pretty overwhelming week for me but I'm determined to keep liking things!  Practice makes perfect I think.  So without further ado:

1. I like (loooove) my dogs.  Anyone who follows me on instagram (im_working_on_a_project) knows that my feed is about half dogs and half quilts.  Right now we have three all rescues; a small grouchy shih tsu named Missy, a pitbull mix named Bentley, and a chihuahua/heeler/corgi mix named Bullett.  Missy is a daddy's dog- if he's around she will not tolerate anyone else.  You can see her barking madly because I got too close to the chair they were sitting in.  As soon as he leaves, she runs all around the house looking for him, then she comes and makes friends and wants to sit in your lap.  She is, incidentally, the only dog I've ever known who doesn't like to be petted.  Strange, but we love her all the same.

Bentley is large and drooly and is a very people dog, unless they're trying to come in through the front door.  If we come through the back door or the garage it's no problem, but anyone coming through the front door is subject to crazy barking.  He firmly believes he's a lap dog, and loves to snuggle.

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Bullett is smaller and cuddly; sadly he's often pushed out of the way by Bentley in the demand for loves.  He especially likes to have his belly scratched and to sit on top of the sofa back.  Sadly he has a penchant for trashcans so if ever one is left accessible you'll come home to garbage strewn everywhere.

They all love to sit on the giant poof in my studio (which is not always quite this messy), and it's always a race to see who gets there first.

Coming home to them just make everything so much better, provided you can get through the door without tripping over them.

2.  I like beading.  I don't do a whole lot of it, but right now I'm having a blast picking out beads for the eyes on my current mammal quilt.  Unfortunately a lot of my favorite beads seem to be a bit big, but I'm determined to use my stash and not buy new ones.  Let me know which beads you like best for the bobcat eyes!

3. I like digital design.  I do a lot of my quilt designing in Adobe Illustrator and sometimes Adobe Photoshop.  I also really enjoy doing print materials like signage/postcards for quilt shows, and have been having a good time learning Adobe InDesign.

4.  I love handwriting, calligraphy, typography, and hand lettering including that done with new (digital approaches).  I'm always exploring ways to put text in my quilts.  Some of my favorite instagram accounts fall into this category.

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What have you been liking this week?

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  1. What sweet dogs - each with their own personalties! I have used buttons on quilts, but not beads, yet. You're making me think I should figure out a place for some beads on fabric somewhere! For the bobcat eyes, I like the bottom left.