Monday, May 8, 2017

Finished Cardigan

I've been regularly attending knit night at our church for the past few months so I've been getting more crochet done than I used to.  A little while back I finished this brown cardigan.  It's made from the brown alpaca yarn my aunt gave me, and is nice and warm.  It was the first thing I ever made that had to fit, and it definitely isn't what you'd call tailored.  This is what the pattern looked like, it's called Jewel of the Shrug and was very nicely written and easy to crochet.

I'm not one for paying much attention to gauge or swatches, so it isn't really anyone's fault but my own that it's too big.  But it's ok, slouchy-comfy is fine.  It's somehow a little crooked even though it was worked from the top down in rows.  It's very strange- if I center it on my shoulders so that the sleeves are the same length, one side is much longer than the other.  I'm not sure where I went awry, but again it's so loose fitting that it's not too obvious.

Sorry for the terrible pics, I asked Mike to snap a couple of pictures of me before I left for work one morning, but our kitchen has terrible light.

Now I'm working on a pineapple top, with some weird but colorful rainbow yarn my mom's friend Georgia gave me.  I'm planning to make it tunic length to wear with leggings.  So far it's going well, as always I've fiddled around with the pattern, but as written it's great.  We'll see how mine turns out.  I really don't think my yarn is meant to be made into clothes; it's pretty hard to see the pineapples, but I'm hopeful that once it's finished you'll be able to see them if I wear it over something black.

This is the pattern picture.

This is the yarn I'm using.  It's sort of ribbony with rainbow colored pieces wrapped around it with black thread.

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