Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Like #18

Welcome to another week!  This is definitely one of those weeks where I need the reminder to find good things.  They're all around- but I just need to look.

1. I like my family!  After a scheduling snafu on my part, I made an unexpectedly early trip to Dallas last weekend to see my sister.  We took the kids to six flags, and I had a blast with my niece and nephew.  They're still too little for big roller coasters, but they went on all the little kid rides and small roller coasters.  I loved seeing them have a good time.  Alex especially giggled all the way through the roller coasters.  I can't wait for them to be big enough to ride the larger ones with me.

2. I like my labmates!  Right now I have three great ladies working for me, all of whom I've known for many years.  Shout out to Jamie, Maggie, and Lauren.  My lab is a small one and unfortunately I'll only have all three of them for just a couple of months, but for right now they add a great vitality to our lab.

3. I like my sister's dogs!  She has two young ones, one still a big puppy, and I love seeing them romp around and play with each other.  Her side yard has a set of external stairs that lead up to a small balcony/second floor entrance, and recently the youngest dog figured out he could go up there to get a bigger view of the neighborhood.  He taught the other dog, and now when you go outside you will often hear and see them barking and looking down from above.  I think they like the new perch!  Their names are Checker and Auto (all my sister's dogs have had car names).  Auto likes to jump on your lap and stick his tongue in your ear.

4.  I like finishing things!  I finished two things this week, one was the small 3D piece I talked about last week, and the final post on it will go live tomorrow so check back in to see it!  I also finished my crochet dress, just in time for my memorial day trip (which was my goal, so yay!)  I'm excited to start crocheting something new.  I think I'm going to make a prayer shawl for one of our outreach ministries.  I'm using some of the yarn I have at home that I've never used, and I'm not sure how it will crochet.   I'm trying to decide between a fairly simple pattern (in case it doesn't work up very well) such as the very pretty Erigeneia Shawl, or a slight more interesting pattern like the also very pretty Edlothia Shawl.  The two pictures are not mine, they're from the pattern links above. Mine will be two colors, but the same two colors (I'll be crocheting two yarns together) throughout. Thoughts?

Erigeneia Shawl

Edlothia Shawl

Thanks as always to LeeAnna!


  1. My dogs are ridiculous... Glad you like them...

  2. There's nothing like wonderful workmates! I am lucky to have had my teaching partners become lifelong friends. Those prayer shawls are so beautiful, enjoy your crocheting!

  3. Thanks for sharing such upbeat things, Shannon. For the shawl, the more complex the pattern, the simpler the yarn should be (IMO) so that one thing can sing. For two different threads held together, I'd go for the top one. Either way, I think you won't go wrong. They are both lovely shawls. I keep thinking of making myself a shawl. I think it'd be so cosy, but, alas, I have difficulty doing things for me :).

  4. Lovely likes, Shannon. Either of those patterns is gorgeous I think. Wish I could crochet something like that. Family times and great work mates are the best.