Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Like #16

Well late is better than never!

I just sat down at 2pm in my office for the first time today, its just been one meeting after another.  Too bad really because it was a week filled with likeable things.   Most importantly, my family visited!  I like (love!) having them visit- for this trip it was my parents and my sister and her kids.  We did crafts and hung out and went to the museum, and did home repair projects and enjoyed being with each other.

Other things I liked this week:

1. My blackberries are blooming and have lots of fruit on them (still green).  Keep your fingers crossed that they don't get all eaten by the birds.  We have tons of birds now at our feeder, the dogs just ignore them and I love looking out the window and seeing them.  Maybe someday I'll get a picture!

2. I had jury duty this week; it was unremarkable apart from the fact that I got a lot done on my crochet project, but I loved these ornamental elements on the courthouse.  We have largely unremarkable architecture here, but those caught my eye!

3.  Bentley sits in the sun just inside my studio door.  (Love)

Thanks as ever to LeeAnna


  1. nice likes! Your family seems comfy. Comfy is good. I like architectural details and dogs in studio doors and blackberries too!

  2. Yumm! Blackberries! Nice list of likes. You found a like reason for jury duty...very impressive.

  3. Lovely likes, Shannon and as the line goes in the movie Catch Me If You Can, I concur!
    Here's hoping you get your blackberries. And great that you could crochet and fulfill your civic duty at the same time!

  4. MMMM Blackberries! Sorry you had jury duty but glad it's over. I notice those patterns too since I started quilting. Enjoy! mary in Az

  5. I find architecture very inspiring too! You have a lovely family and beautiful dogs! Wonderful likes this week! Thank you!

  6. Somehow I missed your post last week! Fresh blackberries - yum! While driving from Georgia to S. Carolina last week, we stopped at a strawberry farm and picked a quart. Mmmm, were they good! Glad you got to visit with your family - that is the best!