Thursday, January 4, 2018

I Like #49

More I Likes with words this week!

1.  I like my dad!  I like all my family really but I feel like he gets the short end of the stick on here because I'm doing so many fun crafty things with my mom that naturally lend themselves to blogging.  But I'm lucky enough to have a pretty awesome dad too.  It was wonderful to spend some time with him over Christmas, lots of singing together in the church choir, and we got to go out and shoot clay pigeons a couple of times.  My mom always says I'm just like my dad, and he says I'm just like her, really, I think like most kids, I have some of both!   I think they're most likely to say I'm like the other parent when I'm doing something about which they're complaining.  He looks and sounds more like my Grandpa all the time, so maybe my resemblance to him will continue to increase as I age.

Here he is sitting with some of the vast hordes of dogs that were home over Christmas.

Here were were out shooting clay pigeons.

And here he is with my sister and me at Daddy Daughter weekend at Girl Scout camp (Camp Mary White) around 1989-1990.

2.  I like unexpected treasures!  While digging out a large sketchbook for me to use, my mom found this superfun spur-of-the-moment calligraphy pressed between the pages.  It was done by her friend Bob Phillips, a New Mexico calligrapher.  As you can see, it's on paper towel (nutty!) and was clearly in commemoration of some specific event.  My mom said she'd completely forgotten about it (it's from 2009) but that it was from the New Mexico Arts and Crafts fair.  So cool!

3.  I like my mom's plants!  Luckily I was home during most of this week, so you guys are spared more pictures of my Christmas cactus.  Most of my mom's Christmas cacti were about done by the time I got here, but her sun/pool/plant room is full of wonders anyway.  My favorites include this unidentified yellow thing, and this giant begonia tree.  

4. I love hordes of dogs!  At home over Christmas we had at varying times, the following dogs, never dropping below a total of 6, and often as many as 8.  Frequent activity pauses for a dog count were necessary.

Belonging to my mom:  1. Jordy, 2. Shooter, and 3. Swatch.
Belonging to me: 4. Bentley, 5. Bullett
Belonging to my sister: 6. Checker, 7. Auto
Being long-term babysat by my mom: 8. Bones, 9. Dizzy

Bones (he only has three legs)

Bentley (L) Jordy (R), Middle from front to back:  Bullett, Swatch, Shooter, Dizzy

L to R: Bullet, Swatch, Shooter, Jordy



Auto (L) Checker (R), Jordy (distance)

5.  I love the winter birds!  My mom has bunches of these small pretty birds at her bird feeder, I'm not sure what they are.  And there's a roadrunner that lives in my Grandpa's front yard.  He feeds it hamburger, and it turns its back and puffs up if you get too close.


Here's to another year of positive thinking and I likes!  Happy 2018 and best wishes to everyone!  Thanks to LeeAnna!


  1. Hi Shannon,
    I had to laugh right out loud at your description of the yellow flowering plant - yellow thing. Heehee. I have one of those in my office here at work - oops, I threw the tag away. It flowered and now is just growing bigger - we consider them annuals so they usually never survive in the winter. I'm hopeful! Your dad - I love that photo with him buried under the puppies! I used to shoot clay pigeons with my dad before he died. He used to be in several clubs and did trap shooting on a regular basis. I was mostly the "pull" girl, but did get to shoot now and then. That brings back fond memories. I also love the hordes of dogs - Jordy always catches my eye. He looks like a friendly guy. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. P.S. I forgot to say I don't mind seeing your Christmas cactus photos at all! They are beautiful! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. What a great post. I need your mom's sun room and plants. WOW. Have a great day! mary in Az

  4. What a pack of dogs! And they all got along? Cool. Those plants are terrific, and the calligraphy must have been such a fun find.

  5. What fun to see the roadrunner in the yard! I love watching and identifying birds, and we used to see roadrunners now and then at my mom's in Arizona, but haven't in a long time. Your Christmas visit with your folks sounds wonderful, and fun with all those dogs!

  6. All those puppies! What fun! Great likes! Your Dad seems wonderful and those plants are making me yearn for spring! Cheers!

  7. Intrigued by several things in this post. Yes you do resemble your dad in that photo from the past. A real roadrunner! I grew up watching Wile E. Coyote trying to catch one of those things. What a sun room with such growth! I'm envious. I think that yellow plant is a kolanchoe (sp?). They are tropical but I actually received one in a grouping as a gift once. It spent last summer in the garden and is now doing well on my plant shelf in a spare room. Mine is orange but is dormant right now. Love birds and plants. Smile

  8. caligraphy is awesome memory! The fact that it's on a paper towel is a bonus. Bet picaso did a lot of coaster sketches. Love the dog parade!!! Bently has a soft face... baby...