Thursday, January 11, 2018

I Like #50

Another week of I Likes!

This week has been mostly about getting back into the swing of things at work after the holidays, so there aren't too many super fun pictures to share.  But good things to talk about nonetheless, and the feel of life going forward.

1.  I like podcasts!  I mentioned this just a couple of weeks ago, and my great commenter Sally suggested the podcast Futility Closet.   It's has short (~10-15 minute) segments about forgotten historical events coupled with lateral thinking puzzles.  I've totally fallen in love- it's really fabulous (thanks Sally!!) and I've listened to almost three years of their episodes in the last three weeks.  I've basically had it constantly playing whenever I'm not at work.  I've almost caught up now, and I don't know what I'll do when I have to wait a week for a new episode.  It's just fun!

2. I like nice (mild) surprises! I got my new SAQA journal last week and when I sat down last night to read it, I flipped through it and saw my photoreceptor quilt staring up at me!  So cool!  A few months back I'd received an inquiry from SAQA about doing a feature on the SAQA OK/KS/MO regional exhibition Our Changing Landscape (for which I did a catalog), but after replying to them, I never heard back, so I thought they must have decided not to feature it.  I was thus pleasantly surprised to see my entry (among others) in the journal!

3. I like my pups!  Bentley and Bullett usually come out to the studio with me; the only sad thing is that there's no dog door in the studio, so when they hear something outside I have to stop and let them out.  But I love having them out there.  Recently Bentley has been sitting on the arm chair and Bullett on the poof, but for some reason the other day Bentley felt sure he had to be on the poof too.  Their antics never cease to entertain me.  I wish Bullett was more of a lap dog- he loves attention, but always sits just far enough away that I can barely reach him with the tips of my fingers.  I think he dose it on purpose.  Of course, it may also be because Bentley is invariably clambering into my lap and Bullett doesn't want to get trampled....

I hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm!  Thanks to Lee Anna for keeping us positive!


  1. Well done for the work in the SAQA Journal!
    I also looked at your last post and all the pieces you made. Wow! so many fall under the category: 'I would like to see these in person.'

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Awww, dog antics - love to watch them. I can just see them both wanting to be on the poof. Silly willies - you just have to laugh and wonder what are they thinking?! How fabulous to be in the SAGA Journal!! Wow - and then without you actually knowing . . . so cool. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Dogs are just the best! Glad you incorporated one in the quilt in SAQA! Congrats on that. As for the poof, aww your two are so sweet; love how they gravitate to our sewing spaces, mine does too, and the cat of course.

  4. allrighty then,,, I gotta figure out how to do podcasts. That sounds right up my alley, and to have a string of them in front of me? Yea! That last photo is awesome! Your snoopervisors. Hey, Shannon, congrats on almost a full year of I Like posts! Can you believe it? That's time for you, little by little a year goes by! Thanks for the podcast suggestion. Today alone I have a new book series to check out and now yours. Yea!

    1. forgot the big ticket item, the SAQA picture. Famous! Remember me as you climb the ladder to fame! That's so cool, proud of you! What an accomplishment. It's so much fun to share in the joy!

  5. Big Congratulations for the SAQA inclusion...wonderful stuff. And I should mention that I think the Mammal Quilt in your last post is so beautiful. You really make wonderful things and the supervisors are obviously doing a good job.

  6. Congratulations on having your quilt in the SAQA journal! That is wonderful, and well-deserved. Your dogs look like sweeties! We don't have a dog anymore, but sure enjoy hearing about and visiting with other people's. They can be so entertaining!

  7. Congrats on having your quilt included in SAQA publication. That is wonderful! Your dogs are adorable and hilarious (sharing that ottoman) have a wonderful day!

  8. The dogs are cute. Futility Closet the blog is very interesting too, because of course I had to go check it out. Thanks for sharing

  9. Wonderful post