Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Christmas Crafts 2018

Once again I'm sharing some fun Christmas-Crafty goodness from this year.

As usual I made some Christmas ornaments for my friends and family.  I make different ornaments each year, and this year I mostly followed this great tutorial to make these star ornaments.  I put photos in many of mine and changed the sizes around, but otherwise followed the tutorial pretty closely.  The ornaments were pretty easy,  this could easily be a kid project if your kids are craft-inclined. I made some smaller ones and some larger ones with photos.

I also made two additional lightbulb wreaths.  I used all the large C9 bulbs on my big 24" wreath, but I had a bunch of medium sized C7 bulbs too.  I used those to make small 8" wreaths for my mom and sister.  It was the year of hot glue!  They turned out really cute and the small ones are easier to handle than the large one (which is so big and fragile I'm constantly worried about it smashing to bits).

My last fun Christmas craft this year was actually brought by Santa!  I spent Christmas at my sister's, and though Santa filled up our stockings, the mouse king stole them away and hid them.  We had to follow clues left with her nutcrackers in order to rescue the stockings, but first we had to build an army of toy soldiers out of clothespins to help us conquer the mouse king.  Luckily Santa left us a bunch of materials and an example toy soldier so we were able to make an army and rescue the presents.  No one should be shocked to know that my toy soldier is the one with pink pants.

I hope you all had lovely holidays!

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