Thursday, April 20, 2017

I like #14

Hi guys!  Another week behind us.  For me it was busy as always but definitely had good stuff.  So off we go!

1. I like Easter and Holy week.  It's always a busy time in our church, particularly for choristers and ministers, but I love the transition from Palm Sunday through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and then the Easter Vigil service (best of the year) on Easter Eve and finally Easter Morning.  I love the fact that our choir sings at two services on Easter morning, but a lot of my favorite music of the year is Easter music and I love getting to sing it twice, even if I'm exhausted by it.  Here's a audio recording of our choir anthem from Easter morning.  I know last week some people couldn't play the sound recording I shared- I have no idea why not and haven't been able to look into alternatives yet, so bear with me for now please, and if you can't play it, please leave me a comment (and perhaps include what browser you're using if you like).

2.  I like friends!  I have a few really good friends who I couldn't live without, but I rarely make new friends.  This week though I was invited to eat Easter dinner with some people from church and it turned out to be really fun.  We grilled lamb and drank bloody marys and in spite of it being a broad range of age groups there was much talk of harry potter and star wars and other things that make me happy.  I didn't take any Easter pictures at all (sad!) so i'll just share the pie I took with me.  Of course it was pie, because you all know that with a freezer full of fruit that's what I always take anywhere.

3. Flowers this week!  Everything around here is in full bloom, but I'm not growing anything outside except my iris from last week, and I didn't even remember to take any pictures.  Our church is especially lovely with all kinds of flowers out.  I did pick up some tulips at the store which brightened up my living room, and even though I don't grow much outside, my inside plants are trucking along and my lily thing (it's kind of like a calla lily but I don't think it actually is- if anyone knows what it is, please feel free to share) is blooming again.  Love! Last time I watered it, I also noticed that it had had a baby, and now there are two of them in the pot.  I guess I should split them at some point.

4. I like blogging and sewing!  (Duh!)  This makes the list this week because I've finally been able to get back to those two things.  I've started writing a few blog posts about my projects which hasn't happened in a while, so stay tuned if you're interested in those, and I've also had a little time in my sewing room to work on my quilts.  Yay!

I hope you're having a great week and thanks as always to LeeAnna for keeping us going!


  1. Hi, Shannon! I was able to play your sound recording on my iPad, so hopefully that's helpful for you to know! I always love the Alleluia's on Easter morning. Your pie looks delicious, and I'm glad you got to share it with new friends! Happy Thursday!

  2. no problem with the music! A pie is a good thing as are tulips and sewing again! Yea!

  3. Hi Shannon. I think that is a peace lily. Beautiful song!

  4. Ckrut is right, your plant is a variety of Spathiphyllum, commonly known as peace lily. It's not a true lily and is grown as a houseplant mostly, although I think it will grow outside in tropical climates.

  5. Shannon your pie looks fantastic and is making me hungry :D Music is wonderful! Thanks and have a great week~!