Thursday, April 6, 2017

I like #12

Another week with lots of things to like!

1. I like camping!  Last weekend my parents came through Texas in their fifth wheel on their way to California, and my sister's family and I met them at Lake Ray Roberts State Park.  It's partway between Becky and I and turned out to be a lovely state park to camp at!  The campground was nice with lots of trees, a beach very close, and nice large spaces.  We made a campfire and roasted marshmallows with my niece and nephew and sang girl scout camp songs.  We even made a campfire the next morning and tried to roast biscuits, but that was a bit less successful.  I took Bentley and Bullett with me, and even though they look forlorn in this pic, they had a fun time getting to hang out with everyone and were great campers.

2.  I like boats and water!  I don't like sand and beaches, but I love boats and water and oceans.  I'm currently a bit sad because my sailboat friend might need rotator cuff surgery and so we might not be able to race this summer, but last weekend we got to rent kayaks and go kayaking while camping!  It was fun, my mom and I took one with my niece Anna, and my sister and her husband took one with my nephew Alex.  Mom and I were terrible at steering but we laughed a lot!

3. I like live music!  Mike is currently in New Mexico while my parents are traveling, but he texted me the other night to say that one of our friends, Camille Harp, a local singer/songwriter was playing at a small bar/restaurant just a mile or so from our house.  I was so excited because it was an early, non-smoking show so I got to go and hear her.  Here's a short video I shot, but definitely check out her music; she's great.  I worked on my crochet while I was there and made lots of progress.

4. I like electronic door locks!  This is one of those you-don't-know-how-much-you-like-it-till-it's-gone things.  Our main entry door (between the garage and the house) has had a wonderful electronic door lock on it forever.  It died a natural death last week, and since then I've managed to lock myself out of the house 3 times! Luckily (I guess) one of our windows has a broken lock so I've been able to climb in, but I'm super super excited that the new lock arrived yesterday so I can install it tonight!

5.  As always, I like flowers.  Two weeks ago my crabapple tree was blooming, and this week my apple tree is blooming.  So pretty!  We've had rain lately, so right now everything outside is happy.

I hope you're liking things this week!  Thanks as always to LeeAnna for keeping us going!


  1. great list. The dogs probably were disappointed in the roast biscuit debacle. They probably wanted to clear out the evidence asap. I once rode along on yacht races in Tampa Bay. Flowering trees! Yea! Wish they stayed colorful all season. And going to listen to friends who sing... it's a good thing. I spent several years dating a singer. True, you don't notice some good things til they're gone, good luck replacing the lock! Standing outside your house wanting in is no bueno!

  2. What great adventures you have been on-camping, kayaking-wow. I love your tree blossoms-they signal beautiful things to come!

  3. Camping and boating are some of my faves too! Nice that you can do those things this time of year! It's still a bit cold where I am.

  4. Crab apple blossoms. Kayaking is fun, but I feel your sadness for sailing. Nothing like sailing. Oh, good stuff!

  5. Your crab apples are blooming - I'm still waiting for mine! They're so pretty! Your camping and kayaking sounds like lots of fun!

  6. You've been having so much fun!! Thanks for posting the photos of the crab trees, that is definately a sure sign of spring! Have a great time!

  7. I have blackberry blossoms everywhere and annas and alexs flowers that you helped me plant a while ago are still (impatients) and finally (snap dragons) in full bloom!